Show us your guitars!

I had to pay 800 bucks to get the 335 back - that’s what the pawnbroker paid the tealeaf for it. Can only assume that someone/s got the other three for a great price.

I’ll give you $900 site unseen! :wink:

Had loads of guitars over the years Fender Strats.Jazzmaster,Epiphone Les Pauls
all sold sadly if i had the money id by one of these beauties Mosrite Ventures Model!


It saddens me to think that someone just sold it to the pawnshop just for the cash. The guy in the shop was super cool. He said he has a regular client that looks for quality guitars but declined this one as he suspected it was hot. The pawnbroker then informed police who contacted me. Wish I could find the other three. Spent hours looking through eBay and local markets. I did find a website that lists stolen guitars.

I misread your post and didn’t realize they had been stolen. I have my instruments insured with a specialty musical instrument outfit, but the thought of them being pilfered makes my tummy ache. I am so sorry for your situation - frankly, I am amazed that you even got one back. I estimate 95% of the pawnshop owners here wouldn’t be so cool…they might not take something they suspected as being hot, but that would be to protect their own behind, not based on any ethical consideration.

Sorry to read about your Guitars being stolen. Quite a lot of money involved, I would think.

Some low lifes around. Hope they get caught… :expressionless:

My 2008 R9 in Sunrise Teaburst and Seymour Duncan pups.


I am primarily a bassist but my Martin gets used alot for writing songs and the odd garden BBQ party.


Latest addition, been yearning for a Tele for a while


Hi Dave, would you mind telling me what type of case that is you’re using for your Tele?
Cheers, Clive

Hi Clive,

It’s a Hiscox Liteflite - I got it and another a good few years ago Although the Fender cases are undoubtedly very cool, the Hiscox is incredibly robust and pretty light too.

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Hiscox makes excellent cases.

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Thank you for that. Yes, Hiscox cases are indeed robust. I’ve used Hiscox for an Ovation when touring.

A pic of the great luthier Gerry Bix in his workshop circa early 1980s (Bideford, North Devon).

When we were in our early teens, his chap let my mate and I walk out of his workshop with a Fresher Flying V for the weekend. We were dumbfounded. With no amp we plugged it into his Dad’s Sony stack system and blew it apart. To compound matters we dropped a soldering iron onto the carpet while trying to fix the lead. We thought the burning smell was how an electric guitar should, erm, smell.

He sold me a guitar (Westone Thunder 1A – I think) and built me a case. Would love an original Gerry Bix. Anyone got one?