Show us your guitars!

The cherry 1964 ES 335 VOS I was tempted by is about 400 miles away from here so I just ordered a new one instead. And a Cornell Romany 10 and a Strymon Deco V2 just to round things off.

I think I would like the smaller body of the 336, but in any event, it is not an issue, as the guy has sold the 336, so I will be investigating other avenues for the PRS.


My 2008 R9


Sexy top!

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Tell us more!

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It looks stunning, as you can see, and it sounds amazing due to the Alnico unpotted pickups. I‘m not sure what pickups are on my old 1988 ES 335 dot but they just don‘t have the same bite and edge and warmth as these. And in combination with the Strymon Deco it‘s got this really fat saturated jazz-blues sound. There’s a 30-day return option but It‘s definitely staying here.

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Alnico… :thinking:

(most pups are, unless they are ceramic…)

Thanks have edited typo

All I am saying is that they are different pups and I don‘t know which ones are on my 1998 model (Bill Lawrence?), so either the new ones are better or my old ones need adjusting

If yours is the '64 reissue, then Gibson say it has these pups -

Neck Pickup - Custombucker Alnico III (Unpotted)

Bridge Pickup -Custombucker Alnico III (Unpotted)

Most HB’s seem to be either Alnico II or Alnico V - and would likely be potted. So these seem an unusual option… ? Clearly Gibson decided to go with this.

I have Alnico II’s in my Squier Partscaster H-H- Strat, which are potted. No sure what the pups are in my Epiphone Les Paul - but they are full size HB’s.

The Cornell Romany is an amazing amp. Unlike most others that have power reduction circuitry, all the power settings work ( OK, maybe the lowest is not so useful ), but the package is perfectly pitched for home use with gorgeous sound.

I’ve owned so many amps over the years, but I’m now down to just a Carr Rambler and the Romany. Most times it’s the Romany that gets flicked on.


This is a Guitar Show in Coventry, this Sunday - 11th October.
I am planning on going - my 1st ever …

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The thought of 100 spotty teenagers all playing Stairway to Heaven badly. Sounds delightful. A guitar store I used in Bristol had a sign up banning that piece!

You can tell I’m off sick. Sat down and worked my way through the whole thread. What a delight. Not a single Faith though. I would post a picture of my decade old Neptune Trembesi but nothing I take seems to quite capture it. I dint play electric and haven’t owned many acoustics (four as best I recall) but this is the one which makes me want to play every day.


My buddy just had this delivered. It’s a custom order from Swannell in the UK. I’ve not had a chance to play it yet.


What kind of pickups are those Winky? They look cool.