Show us your guitars!

My first Strat since I was a teenager. Fitted with one of those fancy Vega Trems which is actually amazing, so smooth and so much movement. I love it.


Nice. That was not cheap…!!

Not seen that pup combo, before. Interesting.

I have H-H pups on one of my Squire Partscasters (with Coil Splitting, via a 5 way Superswitch).


Nice! Like the punk vibe. SSH is actually a pretty common Stratocaster pickup combo. The actual guitar pre mods is this one Fender FSR Player Stratocaster HSS Black Ebony Fingerboard | guitarguitar

My buddy put a Vega Trem on one of his guitars - he really likes it.

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Yamaha SG1000 from 1982. This is very similar to the more well-known SG2000 that was used by many UK guitarists back in the day.


The guitar is wonderful. Not sure though about the loo seat. :smiley:


Well played Sir :slight_smile:

Many artists have thought up their best work sitting on a toilet seat

Eric Crapton is a fine example along with Loo Loo and Cistern of a Down.


And the Canadian prog rock band Flush

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For all fellow guitarists and gear nerds, if you have Prime Video, take a watch of Ampire: The Sound Of Music.

I did a couple of updates to the strat in the form of a new pickguard (I didn’t really like the none more black look) and Schaller Locking Tuners and in the process I discovered it has Suhr pickups! I’m well happy.


I visited the newly opened Gibson Garage in London yesterday. It’s their first Garage outside of Nashville and it’s bloody awesome. A pilgrimage for guitar geeks.

You can play any guitar in the store and there’s no pressure to buy anything. Just as well as I played the £20,000 Greeny vintage reissue from Murphy lab. An amazing guitar with that unique middle position out of phase Peter Green sound. It’s the only one in the UK apparently in advance of a limited production run from Gibson.

Well worth a visit if you’re in London.


I have booked a trip to London with a mate especially to visit the GG! Thanks for the pics :+1:


Whaou… Amazing place !