Show us your headphones

Yes it does have the possibility to become soiled.
As I only have three hairs left on top of my head not so much of a problem for me.:wink:
They will be moved on shortly. Birthday treat.
Currently looking at the Grado Gs3000e (leather headband) and a slightly brighter sound plus a different amplifier.


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Nick. I had the GS3000e with that Trilogy amp before splashing on the 933. They are lovely phones, not so much bright as just incredibly clean and fresh sounding. I think of them as like SBLs. Fast and full of life, the bass is there but it is about quality not quantity.

Don’t audition the Trilogy 933 (although discontinued I think). It will end badly for your bank account.



My away from home in camper van listening kit, not used as such this past year.


Heddphones now sporting a Custom Cans balanced cable, plugged into a Hifiman HE adapter, then via a Niles speaker switch into the Atom. The adapter and switch are hidden away so it keeps the whole setup minimal…I’m really really happy with this setup and I’m in no rush to change anything at all.

I’m new to HiFi though and fully appreciate that a purpose-built headphone amp would be an upgrade, but what is it about the design of them and what is the result on the sound produced, over the design and sound of the Atom?


Looks like you need an Atom HE!


As Chris suggests, perhaps it’s a good idea to take a listen to the new Atom HE.

Have a read about it here:

Thanks for the replies, yes I read about the new Atom HE with interest the other day.
We also use our Atom to power speakers though, which is why I use the Niles switch, so I’d need a power amp/powered speakers and suddenly this becomes a really costly upgrade.

Even taking the HE as an example then, what is it about the technicals inside which make it better for headphones? What about the sound would be improved over my setup? I’d certainly like to audition one in due course…

The Atom HE has an amplifier that is optimised for driving headphones or for use as a pre-amp, so for headphone listening it should be a lot more capable than the standard Atom, especially so if your headphones can be driven in balanced mode (may require a replacement h/p cable).

No more switch would be great, so you’ll likely gain there too, but yes you’ll need an amp to drive speakers. Maybe a NAP100 or perhaps a classic shoebox NAP like a NAP110 or NAP140?

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Or maybe a new amp in Atom style shoe box Richard , that would be pretty cool !!


I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one Bevo. Clare confirmed such a thing is not currently on the cards. But if the demand is there, and the dealers make enough noise, who knows? It happened before with the original NAP90…

I hear you Richard but one can live in hope, you never know , very interesting times I must say


Yes I am interested too.

I thought it would make more sense to move my Headphone system into my ‘office’ since I mostly work from home these days. I still have a Project Streambox Ultra S2 for when I want to Roonify my Sony 1Z Walkman.

Sonore ultraRendu / Uptone LPS1.2 as a Roon endpoint. Mytek Brooklyn DAC+. Sony MDR-Z1R headphones with Chord Shawcan cable.


I like that headphone stand very much. Do you mind telling me what it is?

I’ve started to feel like the common designs that emulate a head apply too much long term pressure on the pads and deform them too fast.

That was my thinking too FZ. It’s a Rooms Audio Line FS stand. Does the job nicely for not a lot of cash.


When I am outside, I use this Chord & Marshall « Classic » earphones. They are incredibly qualitative for classical music (and Jazz) : I tried many earphones at a substantial higher price and I prefer the SQ of these little wonders.

The only downside is that the cable is not detachable :frowning:


Sold! In walnut. Cheers. :+1:


They also have a steel version — I felt the extra weight added extra stability.

New addition to the Planar bunch:
HiFiman Ananda

More treble presence and HF detail than my Audezes, not quite as resolving perhaps but a very nice headphone on first listen.



I’ve an interrogation and maybe someone can help. I actually own a Sennheiser HD800s and a Fostex TH900 Mk2. I love the first one but I am less convinced by the second and was wondering if it’s a smart move to sell it and get one of these : LCD-X (Maybe an LCD-3) or an Hifiman Arya. I’ve never tried one of these and I can not demo them. Can someone share his / her experience with one of these and ideally compares them to the Sennheiser HD 800s and /or Fostex TH900 Mk2 (to get a solid reference point).
I listen to “classical music” (symphonique, baroque), opera ans lyrique musique, jazz and vocal jazz (more inclined to female vocals).

Thank you