Show us your headphones

Interesting - thanks.

I’ve had my eyes on these, on my very extensive wish list. What are you using to drive them?

The Atom HE and Focal Clear MG are wonderful pieces of kit. They get better and better every time I use them.


I am using a Headline 2 and HC……sounds great. The rest of the system is a CDX2 XPS and 82/sc.


Thank you. The Headline is now discontinued, I understand.

@Dashing ……Yes….unfortunately. However I picked mine up second hand used it for 9 months or so then sent to Naim for a service. Back now and sounds lovely.
I’m sure there are many headphone amps out there but wanted to maintain the Naim signature sound which I think it does….I had a listen to the Sennheiser headphone amp plus a few others and while they were quite nice I didn’t think the outlay was worthier it compared to the headline plus HC.


I recently invested into headphones for the first time, as I just can’t work late at night and have any volume through the speakers without driving the neighbours to kill me. Focal Clear Mg into a Graham Slee amp via the Supernait 3. It sounds great, honestly the Supernait 3 headphone out is really good I thought, but I bought the GS with one eye on a future 282/250 upgrade and it does nick the upper hand in the details.


Graham Slee make very good yet understated products.

I particularly think their concept that a phono stage should be only MC or MM is a good one.

I compared the A20 with the headphone output of the 272 with a Focal Elear, I preferred the 272 (with XPSDR) more detailed and more dynamic, I also preferred it to the Chord MOJO (too analytical) and the Arcam Rhead (too soft), as if it’s not that bad!

I now have Focal Clear which I find very good with the 272, but I have not tried without the XPSDR.


You might want to get a headband cover from amazon for thise Focal Clears. After 6 months the grey of the headband will not be so grey!

LOVE the skulls. Where did you get them from? They look awesome!!!

They came from tk max in uk, on sale at the end of last Halloween ,
I fitted them with some LED lights that are usb powerd and some old binocular prisms
Make for interesting mood lighting
While listening at night,
I really should get out more :slightly_smiling_face:

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nice headphones.
I suspect the 272 would easily outpace the 5si and likely the A20 too.
If I ever upgrade my Naim amp I would have to compare the headphone output against the A20 and see which was better.

Would you buy used headphones? Can you replace the bits that touch ears / hair etc. ?

With my first child born I am working from home a lot more and music keeps my going. Just not through the main system as both cat, fiancé, and baby girl don’t enjoy it :sob:

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I can appreciate money is probably tight at the moment. Why not look for refurbished or open box from a dealer? Or manufacturer? Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser do offer replacement parts for some models. If they are really used though, I’d want to inspect them carefully in person. You can sometimes buy replacement parts on Amazon too. Closed back over ears would be my preference as sound leaks from open backed.


There is a certain headphone fi forum that does have a lot of classifieds for headphones and amps. Very common practice within that community to buy and sell gear. You might want to look there and follow the guidance they provide etc.

Depending on the headphone, replacement ear pads should be available from retailers as well.


A good clean of the leather pads of over/on ear designs, with a liquid detergent and then some treatment, should be fine - they only going over the head and over the ears.
For IEMs, it depends on whether these can be cleaned effectively, given they have been in the ear canal.
So for your standard over/on ear designs, yes to pre-owner if still relatively new, just a good clean. If getting older then replacement (NOS) pads and possibly also the headband.

My new headphones…
:small_orange_diamond:Hifiman HE 1000SE

These have just been “burn in” for 150 hours and play fantastic.
Had previously…
:small_orange_diamond:Sennheiser HD 800S
:small_orange_diamond:Bower & Wilkins P9
:small_orange_diamond:Bower & Wilkins P7
… which is now in a box waiting to be sold.


Welcome back Peder.

I enjoyed all those lovely pictures you posted from Northern Sweden. Looks like the weather is great over there at the moment. Hope all is well with you.



Mrs Samuel and I bought a couple of pairs today- to assist with our Sydney to Uk flight next week - anything that makes the flight length more bearable is very welcome