Show us your headphones

I did order in December when waiting time was about two months…right when war started…
After Feb24 I received messages from time to time, Sasha was very kind to keep customers up to date while he was leaving Kharkiv to bring his family to Poland.
He then returned to Kharkiv and resumed the production… When I ordered the headphones I did not mind if those were from Ukraine or any other place in the world, now I am proud that these are coming from Ukraine and born under very hard times…

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Hi Peder,

That’s totally fine! Enjoy the good weather, but don’t forget to listen to your system haha

Take your time, thank you!


Nick (from NL)

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Here’s a neat feature of the mk4 Sony’s, they can also be used as an analog wired set of head phones. Nearly 50 years separate these 2 Sony products

Apologies, another quick one from me…Trying them with my ever so fragile D88


Don’t you just love it,
your on public transport and someone close has a pair of these on… I’m sure they have fitted the speakers on the outside!