Show us your headphones

Lovely. I have STAX ear speakers too, but needing a bit of TLC at the moment.


Quad ERA-1 here as well. Only arrived today so limited time on them yet. First impressions very positive, Entwistle’s bass on the Who at the Isle of Wight is grumbling along nicely!


Hi @glevethan,

I came across your Violectric V550 thread that remained unanswered - did you keep it?

No - I added a HeadAmp GSX MK2. With that said my dynamic headphones get almost no use. I am fully invested with Stax (multiple headphones) and my Mjolnir Carbon was sold to a Naim friend when my bespoke T2 arrived last year. I am at end game status now as there is no where higher to go in Staxen land.


I have an update on my headphones…

I dropped them and the right channel is not working :cry:

On the Quad site they say to contact the appointed distributor for repairs, so thats Monday morning planned. I’m gutted, though worse things in life happen.

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For the can’t sleep hours I am building a decentish headphone system.
The Hugo tt2 and Audiolab cdt9000 on a zz1 base (improves the sound on the homemade and greatly loved cabinet) are purchased and staying put.
We are still trialing headphones. Current Meze Empyrians sound unbeatable,but we shall see.

Still rather go to bed at 11oc and wake up at 7oc but osteo in ya pelvic means this is a rare treat.


Good choice of music too !

Who needs wires?


A good choice with Focal. They certainly ain’t the best at headphone cables. I have Clears.
Despite a considerable number of complaints about the poor cable quality above the splitter they still refuse to acknowledge the problem unless you catch it within the guarantee.
It bends and will not straighten causing an eventual rupture.
An attitude that I hope does not prevail in the Naim part of the grouping.

We are a happy family :grinning:


But they do not look like Focal cables.
Which aftermarket cable maker have you used?

Only Utopia got kimber axios upgrade, copper one

Excellent cable with Utopia

How do they compare with the others?

A change from Shure SE846s to the KSE1200 Electrostatics for my ‘away from home’ setup.

They feel just the same to wear as the 846s, albeit with a slightly stiffer connecting cable. The energiser is a tiny, but nicely engineered little box. All sounding rather wonderful fronted by my trusty Sony WM 1Z as I explore a few favourite albums.


The Meze Empyreans seem to be bedding in well.Although not new I don’t think they had been used for any length of time.

Every review of them seems to indicate that they would be so much better with the silvered copper cable……

Gulp. Anyone tried it?

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How does it compare with your Stelia and Utopia. I have the latter two and am considering the Bathys as well…

Yes. The Silver upgrade cable is very good and lifts the mids a little. Bit more clarity. It’s very well made and very flexible. No wrestling to get it into position.

If you want to take it further, Lavricables Grand is very good step up but does take a lot of running in. So, make use of the burn in service if you don’t want to go through the ups and downs for the 1st 200hrs.

Both cables are excellent wit the Elites as well should you ever venture down that path so you’ll not need to change cables again.

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