Show us your headphones

@Bjorn Maybe Yes Maybe No. There are issues. I have run out of self space on my rack. Also my streamer NDX2 plus XPSDR as a combo is much better than the streamer in the Atom HE. I would imagine that the streamer in the HE accounts for some of the cost and I will not use.

I don’t need a headphone amp with a Dac. I don’t intend to do mobile. Lastly I want my TT and CDP and steaming to come through the headphones. I am not sure that is possible without going through the SN3.

If I did get a better headphone amp, I would want a traditional headphone amp if there is one that is small. I might be able to then fit it on the same shelf as my HicapDR. Also I only listen about an hour a day on phones.

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Then I understand. Yes, at least you have a pair of headphones that can grow with the task if you decide to invest more in the headphone sound in the future.

If you’re looking for a small shoebox style amp, look at the Cyrus range.


For analogue only, depending on your budget, I think you are spoiled for choice. I use a SQ-N150 to drive Sennheiser HD-800s and it is like they were made for each other. Although it’s classed as an integrated amp, it’s really a headphone amp with speaker terminals that simply use the same output (10w). No frills. Good phono stage. Single ended non balanced output. But sublime.

Sideways Shoebox footprint. Majority of owners use it solely as a headphone amp. But of course it’s not cheap.

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It’s not for me. It’s not the cost of the Luxman, but that it is a tube amp. With my Vision and eye-hand coordination, tubes are nit for me.

Well let’s call him Heisenberg in this case.
In the best TV series ever made…Breaking Bad.:+1:

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Focal clear og with Naim 272.


@coolblue How do you find the headphone amp in the Naim 272?

I have to say that the headphone amp is just ok on the 272 in my experience; I went with a Trilogy headphone amp to bring the added oomph needed.

@PaulM I have no available easy access rack shelf space. I am using the amp in my SN3 with my Focal Utopias.

It’a good combination with my focal clear. I am not sure, how does it compare to SN3.

ah, ok, understood - I should have tracked back up the thread.

Utopia pad upgrade on clear og.


@coolblue Since I am new to Utopias, what do the new pads do?

@Jaybar , I have more resolution with this pad on clear og. I also have less pressure on the ears, so I can listen more.