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Is that a special edition of the Ekos?

I’m trying to work out why the headshell is not the same colour as the rest of the tonearm - which I don’t remember seeing before.

Agree - the ‘Walk on by’ test of my LP12 on Fraim over a floating wood floor/concrete, dictated a wall shelf was needed. It can be quite subtle to detect.

I resolved that issue by building an isolation platform in my cabin.
It is mounted off the reinforced concrete base under the cabin, therefore detaching it from the building completely and especially the floor. :slightly_smiling_face:


Tis madness this hobby of ours :grin: Of course, if you have a strong suspended floor or a concrete one with a floating floor, another solution is to drill in and secure Pozi-screws for your stand, using the heads as mounting points.

Damage aside (and breaching any membrane!), this can work, but needs thought.

Thanks and also @Corry. The wall shelf is not an option I’m afraid.

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We thought of this, but the accuracy required to align the bolts with the stand spikes is really hard to achieve.
I have posted the following pics before, but here they are again…


Yes, I remember. Even getting 4 Pozi-screws to line up in a suspended floor defeated me. You just know there’s a floorboard nail with your name on it down there, and once the drill deflects, no amount of persuasion to the screw (read ‘club/claw hammer’) will bring it back to where it needs to be.

I hope that the moggy hasn’t been ‘fixed’ to the flooring!

The little moggy was Woody, sadly we lost him to an RTA a couple of weeks ago…:cry:

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I’m so sorry to hear that.


For a very small amount of money and effort, the Taica Gel Bushings (type B-1) will not only solve the footfall from suspended wooden floors issue, but also improve the performance of the LP12. Now I understand this simple fact will make some people uncomfortable, but believe me I’m not trying to be provocative, only trying to help those willing to listen and think outside the box.


Would this be instead of a Trampolin, just replacing the standard feet?

Our LP12, as it is, during Sunday afternoon listening today.

1986 LP12 fluted Afromosia plinth, (Akurate or Selekt inside), c/w Ittok LVII + Troika → Naim SuperLine + HiCap DR psu.

This LP12 is fitted with Trampolin 2, as we envisaged using it, in this way, on top of a sideboard, or similar.

@CalamityJack For me, maybe two reason to consider using a “Tramp2”. (1) it offers a modest amount mechanical isolation, ( IMHO, wouldn’t really on this, by itself). (2) as an upgrade to any original and basic baseboard, it “stiffens” the plinth and base a little, making it more rigid, which has to be good for SQ overall. Many report this can be heard.

In this room, we have solid concrete floor, with carpet and thicker 10mm wool underlay, (to help with SQ in the room). The Kallax legs sit on IsoAcoustic carpet spikes, connecting everything directly to the concrete, which seems to work fine.

Anywhere else, I would be inclined to use a wall shelf. Our other TT - a Rega RP6 - uses a “Decent Audio” wall shelf, (fixed with anchor bolts into masonry wall). But, in this room, sitting on top of furniture seemed to us a more elegant and attractive solution, (for the way we use this room).

The Cello is a beautiful instrument…
Just listening to Public Service Broadcasting “ This New Noise”, (2023). Track 4 : A Cello Sings In Daventry ( Ft. Seth Lakeman). Absolutely sublime. The Cello is perhaps my favourite instrument and sounds just beautiful on this track, ( and played by this LP12).

Best wishes


These would replace the springs and rubber grommets, this way the sub-chassis/tonearm assembly will still be suspended but resting on the silicone bushings instead. No more of the self inflicted problems caused by the use of springs.

Dear @Richard.Dane
Silly me, I’ve somehow managed to delete my last post here. Is it possible for you to reinstate ?
Not sure how. My sincere apologies for clumsy fingers :flushed:


Reinstated for you.

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Thank you Richard

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Just received an email from Linn marketing this morning, it says all Linn streamers can be upgraded to Utopik, no mention of any Linn amplifiers though.

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