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Why is there a gap between the motor-side silicone mushroom and the sub-chassis?

What a pity @Mr.Tibbs didn’t try the genuine SILICONE MUSHROOMS before reverting to the singing springs…

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Because there are no springs pushing in the opposite direction. There is a gap in all of the suspension screws, it’s just hard to see from the picture. Keep in mind it is still a suspended turntable, as you turn it upright again the sub-chassis/armboard assembly will rest on the silicone bushings perfectly level, and the gap will be between the top-plate and the sub-chassis.


The mat is a nice upgrade IMO. No negs and only £120 for the black one


Looking good @Cohen1263. How are you getting on with the TA Evenstar? Indispensable or a PITA?

When the LP needs taking off It’s best to grip the Evenstar still and life off whilst the platter is spinning. The suspension isn’t jolted that way. It’s defo a worthy upgrade. That and the Collaro mat are worth the £400 IMO. My LP12 is truly head and shoulders above anything that I’ve owned before


Last spin of the old LP12 before it goes in for it’s upgrade. Off course, it now sounds delightful and is giving a good fight to the last :sunglasses:. I’m quite excited as to how much better it might get. It’s a fun hobby for sure.


You forgot to include “expensive” in your last sentence :grinning:


I recently bolted some Symposium Rollerblock Jr’s to my baseboard. Prior to that I was using 4 brass cones in each corner. The Rollerblocks isolate to 2-3 Hz and do a better job draining motor vibrations from the plinth than the cones. I’m using a Symposium Segue absorption platform in place of the Mana glass which is an energy sink and provides isolation in the music bandwidth. The deck has never sounded better!

Symposium Rollerblock Jr

This is what I’m using in place of the springs, which allowed me to make the switch.


Has anyone heard the Revolver outer platter?

A very good friend has just bought the Tangerine one.
He is very happy. :+1:t2:

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Yes I meant the Tangerine one Skep. Thanks for that

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Wasn’t meant to sound cheeky I thought it was different.
The Tangerine one isn’t even on the website yet but my mate has one from yesterday.
It’s rather shiny Stainless Steel. :scream:

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:joy: I didn’t think that you were Skep. £1200 though :flushed:

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That’s cheeky I’ll pass. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
When you stop looking you enjoy what you have.
It can always be different. :thinking:



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Anyone heard or tried the Vinyl Passion Krown (sandwich construction) LP12 platter?

Sports a highly polished grooved edge - on looks alone I’ll pass (the high polish rather than the grooves just spoil the look for me), but I wonder what it sounds like.

OK, so I’m no HiFi expert but I have been interested in good quality audio for many years. I have Naim amps with a CDXII and XPS, B&W 803s and an LP12 with Ittok LVII and the much hated Klyde but with a paratrace stylus from Expert Stylus. Also DacMagic100 for occasional digital, The 803s’s are relatively recent 2nd hand aquisitions a couple of years ago and have made a massive contribution, especially in the bass compared to my original 804’s.
I’ve been wanting/thinking about upgrading the LP12 (1990ish) for a few years and visited Origin Live to hear what they had to offer. And of course I was considering a Lingo of some number between 1 and 4.
Listening at OL was welcoming, but not the best experience cos they demo what they’ve got, not necessarily what one might be considering, and usually much more expensive. But I did get a good enough feeling to think about buying a DC motor and power supply to replace the ageing Valhalla.
So I sat on the fence for a couple of years and eventually jumped off a couple of months ago and bought OL’s top level Ultra DC motor kit.
Reviews of these OL motor kits have been mixed, especially for the earlier less complete ones.
This kit is around £1k so not cheap but not bucket loads either in context of a lot of upgrades. Power supply, control unit and motor. Motor a bit tricky to fit, takes time, but worth doing carefully. Also a new belt, new oil and their latest platter mat, which is thick and fairly rigid. Arm height needs adjusting for the thick mat and also adjusted the suspension springs, which seem absolutely fine to me.
I had previously bought OLs earlier platter mat which is a typical flexible type and not really noticed much difference with TBA. In fact most upgrades I’ve not been wowed with, except the 803s’s, which I think are fantastic. Not heard the diamond tweeter B&W’s though…
What has motivated me to write this is the Radikal discussion and the effect of these OL upgrades. I am genuinely amazed. I have no links with OL and they’ve no notion of my experience as they’ve not followed up to ask!
Everything is better. And I do mean EVERYTHING. Soundstage, attack with all types instruments, voices, instrument placement, multiple voice placement, noise generally but especially ‘grove’ noise.
A true revelation. I am listening as though the instruments are in the room, not a hint of thinking about spinning vinyl. Albums that I always considered flat have come alive.
The snare drums on Dreams from Rumours takes on a whole different level of attack and definition for example. I won’t ref lots of examples, but I do now have to listen to all my vinyl again, and probably again and agian.
An amazing upgrade in my view.
BTW the much hated Klyde to me is really good. Maybe I just have a good one - or my ears are rubbish…