Small Stand Recommendation

I have an Atom on order (no idea when it will be available), and I’m on the lookout for a small stand. The stand will be home to the Atom and, possibly, a CD player. A Fraim Lite seems overkill - both from a cost and capacity point of view. What others would people recommend? Availability in Germany a definite plus…

Some nice furniture/cabinet that suits your decor would be just fine.

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I agree. Just put it on the sideboard or whatever. It’s a lifestyle product and should fit the aforementioned lifestyle.

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Have a look at Hi-Fi Racks ltd who can probably sort you out with a custom stand. Available in Germany too.

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The Hifi Racks stand I tried was absolute rubbish. A sideboard would be far better I’m sure.

Hi @MunichMan

I agree with the comments above if you just have an Atom. The lovely volume control on top is only accessible if you have it on the top shelf of a rack or sitting on some solid furniture. Mine’s on my office desk where it’s readily to hand while I’m working.

If you want to use it with something like a full-width CD player, it’s going to get more awkward. If you really think you’ll be playing CDs a lot, you might be better off going for a Star rather than an Atom.


Good call on the Star, often overlooked in the Uniti range but a nice one box solution if CD’s swing your bat.

To be perhaps more helpful, a photo of the room/space might help generate some ideas from those with similar tastes in decoration.

Starter for 10, I’ve always found USM Haller works well in almost any setting, it’s entirely configurable and you can even grow it in to something more as a system changes, you can also put doors on the front as well so your living space doesn’t end up looking like a branch of a HiFi shop.

It’s widely available, is made of metal and is easy to get extra/spare parts for over time.

Here’s a HiFi idea that would suit something like a Uniti integrated and other sources as an example.

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My request for stand suggestions was just to see what might be out there that I might have overlooked. I am currently using a TV “sideboard”; however, the shelf intended for hi-fi is not deep enough. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that the hole in the backboard is too small to accommodate NACA5 without pushing the Atom forward so it starts to hang over the front.

I had a quick shufti down at the local Baumarkt this morning and I reckon I can fashion a nifty way to lift the TV off the top of the sidebord, which would then be free for my Atom.

I’ll take some pics and post them here once I’ve sourced all the bits and pieces.

Isn’t it just a matter of enlarging the hole?

Good point! I originally considered that, and then I couldn’t think of a way to do it neatly, so my thoughts moved on to alternative solutions. But now you mention it, it does seem as if I’ve lost sight of the most obvious solution. Maybe I should spend more time investigating ways to enlarge the hole neatly…

Is there a way of removing the back panel so it can be cut neatly?

If the CD player is not full sized, you could get a Quadraspire Midi rack. They just 40cm wide. I use one for my system of midi width components. Seperates on a real rack but less footprint.

Unfortunately, not. I’d have to cut the hole in situ. I can probably hide any unsightliness with a plastic cable grommet (looks like a hairy letterbox), but to be honest I’d rather not have to butcher my furniture in the first place. My alternative solution would require screwing something on to the back of the unit, but would not require any major surgery.

Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of the Quadraspire optics.

I brought a TV stand from Tylko, well pleased flat pack 20mm birch plywood.

Screenshot 2021-11-28 at 16.53.36

You can specify no backs, if required.

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I use a Spectral Next TV furniture. A big improvement
, however, brought the 10 mm glass top. It rests on 3 silicon nitride balls and brass end pieces. Details have been described by Xante (Vibration Isolation / Support for Glass). Underneath I use a bamboo plate from Ikea. Cheap solution with great sound improvement (esp. treble and spatiality).


+1 for Tylko. Flexible, and the configurator works like a dream. I have some vinyl and CD storage from them.

I’m a fan of HiFi Racks. My main system sits in a single 6 tier rack of theirs and sounds really good to me. My Nova sits on an oak coffee table and sounds fine.

If this has a hole already, am I right in assuming that this would always go up against a wall and your concern is solely about how it would look from the front?

Sounds like the right use case for a hole saw + grommet for me.

I have two concerns: (1) I’m not sure how neatly I can make the hole; and (2) I really would rather not modify my furniture at all, in case I decide to sell it at some point.

But I’m beginning to realize that the key to all this is where and how to mount my TV. Once that point has been addressed, I think the rest will fall relatively easily into place.