Smaller speakers for my smaller room?!?

The KEFs most likely won’t be a match for the Proacs but it may show you that a) the Nova is best with the KEFs; and b) the Proacs need more…

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If you like the sound through your speakers, the simple and cheapest solution would be a paintbrush, or vinyl wrapping, or even a roll of wood veneer (many different woods from which to choose)…


Would be an interesting test for sure.
On paper the D2R’s should be easier to drive looking at both speakers impedance curve but listening will be revealing.
Keep us posted.

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Sorry I should have added: or c), you realize the Proacs sound great with the Nova :wink:

You have an honest dealer there!

Simple summary:
For aesthetics, swap the D20R for the same in a veneered finish.
For sound quality, swap the Nova for a Supernait 3.

Best regards, BF


“When I heard the PMC Fact 12, I thought that if I ever had to move to a house with a smaller listening room than I have now. It would bd a speaker to try. Otherwise satellites and sub, maybe Wilson Benesch”

Good shout IB - I demo’d a pair of WB ARCs about 20 years ago, they sounded wonderful and looked even better, the carbon fibre and integrated stand made for an eye-catching look. I did a bake-off against a pair of Dynaudio Contour 1.3 Mk 2’s which looked very pedestrian in comparison but had a very similar sound signature, so close in fact that I bought them because they were a third of the price. That day my wallet won but if I went back I’d probably go with my heart and walk off with the ARCs.

I have a small listening. Try not to limit yourself to small stand mount speakers, I wasted years trying different ones from ProAc, Harbeth, Dynaudio etc and was always disappointed in the sound.

I took a punt and tried floor standers and bigger speakers and they worked with no problems at all, glorious full range sound and no need for a subwoofer!

I found the key with my small room was to use front ported large speakers.

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Second that. A friend of mine took his white Dynaudios to a paint shop that is specialised in painting furniture. They looked stunning for only 150 euro or something.

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That does sound like something from the early days of Viz comic!

Alas, I’m extremely incompetent in the DIY stakes, but I do know somebody who isn’t. Thanks for the suggestion.


Unless you really like speakers (?) wrapping or adding a veneer is not likely to make selling them easier if that’s ultimate course of action.

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Good point, yes.

I do actually think the D2R are worth persevering with, at least until I’ve looked at different amp options.

As mentioned above, I listened last night and briefly this morning and I did think why am I so determined (other than their finish) to move on from them. They are often excellent.


If you’re happy with the D2r’s and only the colour is wrong why not make a shortlist of Proac dealers to email/phone to discuss trade and see what your costs/options are ?
Distance trading is not really a problem your speakers can get picked up by the courier that delivers the new pair.


That’s another good suggestion. Thanks.

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Update: I’ve arranged a demo of an SN3 tomorrow morning. So will see what ensues. . .


So, I demoed the SN3 today. The dealer (fortuitously a former Naim engineer in his earlier days) set up a nice system roughly commensurate to mine, in terms of speakers (a ribboned Neat) and CD player & vinyl deck (Rega models), and left me to it for an hour or so.

I took a little stash of CDs and records, and from the off found myself immersed in a significantly different sound to what I’m used to with my Nova at home. In short, more of the good things: namely, greater dimensionality, truer sounding voices and instruments, a tighter more cohesive sound, more width and depth too, perhaps.

I took the plunge and purchased, sorted out a few basics with the dealer regarding connecting my AV system, and I was on my way.

Back home, I installed the SN3, left it for a few hours playing a CD on repeat, whilst I got on with some jobs.

I’ve had a couple of hours playing SACD and CD via my recently acquired Marantz SA8005, and one album on my LP12. Both formats certainly improve on what the Nova offered, and I think do seem to bring something else to my ProAc D2R speakers.

I’ll keep the Nova for another system elsewhere, it’s served me well, and will continue to do so, I hope.

Outstanding issues: the Marantz player, though a freebie from a friend, may not last too long. I’m thinking the SN3 will get more from a different player?



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Congrats! Give the SN3 a little bit of time to burn-in. IIRC it didn’t take too long. I’m glad to hear your ProAc’s have opened up for you with the SN3

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Congratulations Charles on the SN3!

Fabulous integrated and the ProAc D2R are a fabulous match. Look forward to hearing how the system settles in and your thoughts after some time goes by.


Thanks to you and to all for their advice and thoughts with my journey to improving my ProAc’s performance capabilities.

I’m having a blast listening tonight!

One particular thing I’ve noticed is how my KEF sub has come more on song and seems much more complementary to the ProAcs now, if that makes sense.

The crossover and gain settings on the sub were easier to adjust to what sounds like an optimum setting than was previously the case with the Nova.

The sub is wired into the ProAcs, btw.


Hours, days, weeks, would you say?