SNAIC cable 240/180 degree difference

Hi all,
Trying to ascertain the difference between SNAIC(5, in this instance) 240 & 180 degree cables. Have looked using search engine here on this forum & also elsewhere on the web … but no luck, for whatever reason. I bought a 2nd HiCap & NAC202 (ex-demo from hifi shop) … unfortunately came with poor quality SNAIC5 cable. Hicap & NAC are generating a hum through my speakers via the power amp section in my Creek 100A integrated (connected by a DIN4 to RCA cable to my Creek integrated) [power amp section can be accessed by RCA &/or XLR]. In the past, using the preamp in a Cambridge CXN direct to Creek power amp section, not a whisper … was using XLR cables though, & Chord Shawlines at that. Full-on brassic at the moment … will get a (used) original Naim SNAIC5 cable when I can. Did actually try another non-Naim SNAIC5 … and still the hum. Might it be originating from somwhere/something other than cable(s)? … or could it be a grounding problem … and if so, how might I address that ? When I can afford it, am thinking of getting an T+A A200 power amp (Naim power amps a problem for me … as I like to run two pairs speakers [A+B] … Have KEF R7s & R3s … find that, at low volume especially, the front speakers [R7s] alone don’t give me enough presence of sound). Would I be liable to get a real decent, tangible improvement in SQ, might we think ? The T&A has stonking reviews (class D - £3500 new). Any thoughts ? … would much appreciate all & any help. Thanks & regards, SJ.

… what is the significance of the degree thing, though ? Does that relate to how far the latching sleeve can be turned ?

The degrees refers to the degrees of a circle that the pins fit into. 180 fits into a semi circle, 240 fits in 2/3rds of a circle.

Like this approx 240 degrees.

If you look at the end of cable, facing the end of pins.
The angle that the pins are set are in 180 degrees (semi circle) or 240 degees

Best don’t do this; also not allowed to be discussed. It’s either Naim snaic or Naim snaic.

Everything about snaics and interconnects here: How to identify SNAICs and Interconnects - #2

Is cable between creek and nac or creek and hicap.

Have you tried both ways.

The use of these two different pin layouts is a convenient way to ensure that you can’t accidentally make the wrong connection and cause everything to be pear shaped.

(Questionable) SNAIC5 cable(s) between HiCap socket 4 & NAC202 link/upgrade 2 socket. Changing directionality doesn’t seem to help/make any difference. DIN4 to 2x RCA plugs cable from HiCap socket 3 to Creek power amp RCA sockets input. Sockets 2 & 1 on HiCap & standard socket out from NAC (for audio signal out to power amp) … all pretty much the same result. Will get a genuine SNAIC5 cable - as have been intending. Other things seem to be eating finances of late. Just wondered if anyone had thoughts re. any other possible causes. Guess I just need to get unquestionable cables (for both) … and then pursue things further if problem persists (Naim repair a economic viability, perhaps [or not]?) Many thanks for your help.

Understood … thanks.

Thank you … got it now. Was barking up the wrong tree / thought it might be specific to SNAIC … and not a general thing for all DIN plugs & sockets. Appreciate your help.

Thank you all for you help … and sorry for my untoward remark yesterday (for those those happened to see it). Messaged Richard earlier & apologised to him as well. My apologies to the forum members … and, of course, the individual involved.

Is the ND5 set to Chassis or floating. If chassis, there may be a ground loop, if the creek amp is also connected to earth.

Try class A in Sheffield for repairs / servicing. 100% Naim approved. I think the only independent place apart from the factory (in the uk) to be approved.

If you bought it from a reputable HiFi shop, why not go back to them and let them sort out the problem, rather than throwing good money after bad?

Had dismissed this as happens on other (all NAC) inputs. Did just try now anyway … same on both ground settings on the streamer. Perhaps I should give Creek a call and see if I can speak someone who might be able to advise

Will look them up up … thank you for the tip.

I have now, eventually located a Genuine (used) Naim SNAIC5 cable (has Naim SNAIC stamped on cable, in the pics) for £75 … bought yesterday. Will see how that improves the situation. I suspect (from assorted fiddlings) that, if it is a cable, it’s the SNAIC as opposed to the HiCap audio out to the Creek (power amp). I believe it was a limited warranty from the shop (3 mths?) that may have lapsed … but no harm in asking if the problem persists.

PS. Have come across loads of ‘so-called’ “genuine Naim SNAIC” cables that are grey … and clearly the exact same cable that came with my ND5 XS2. Responded to an ebay vendor who replied “All Naim cables are SNAIC … trust me, I know what I’m talking about” !

There used to be grey SNAICs many years ago. Not to be confused with the Naim interconnect though…

Sounds like one to avoid !

Buying the genuine cable, or at least a pre-loved genuine cable can save a lot of bother.