[Solved] Frozen Nova - on/off button blinks 5 - 4 - 2 after reboot following screen freeze?

So the Nova screen froze (using the the latest firmware). I turned it off, pulled the plug, waited half a minute, replugged. After it finishes booting, the screen displays the Home view but does not respond to any action on the remote or app and the on/off button blinks in a sequence of 5 - 4 - 2, with 2 sec pauses between the groups.

The app finds the Nova room, but when connecting to it, it is empty - at the top there is the back button, the room name, the search icon and the Settings. At the bottom there is the volume slider without a track being shown. Touching Settings > Standby makes the screen shut off but the power button still blinks in sequence and I can’t get it to do anything else.

Same after repeated unplugging and rebooting. Any help much appreciated.

I have had screen freeze twice, but turn it off turn it on again worked to clear the problem. I did leave it a few minutes after turn off. Sounds like a call to your dealer/Naim service in the morning.

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Thanks, I tried leaving it off for minutes, too, no change :frowning: I have the Nova on loan from the dealer …
Computers and their problems invading my off-work time, I hate it. I guess I will try a factory reset.

A little update: After it finishes booting what actually happens is that the screen is on and all four front buttons are illuminated as usual. After a while, a minute or so, the screen as well as the front buttons turn off and then the on/off button starts to blink.

Edit: And a few minutes later the screen just turned on again (I was not in proximity), but the on/button is still blinking and everything is unresponsive

Update, I think it is knackered. :weary:

Yeah. I hope Naim gets this stuff sorted or my happiness with the NDX2 (on order) will be limited

I have been running the NDX 2 with the latest firmware and no problems. Use it everyday so not sure why you think you will have problems with the unit.

Because it is not an infrequent topic on the forum that people are experiencing screen freezes and spontaneous reboots despite Naim’s efforts, and because in the few months I have had the Nova I experienced reboots, screen freezes, and now a complete freeze?

Anyways, a factory reset fixed it now.

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I’ve been thinking of getting a Nova and have auditioned, however the issues some owners face are putting me off.

I’ve noticed some Atoms are prone to freezing but not many Stars. Is it because there are fewer instances of freezing on them?

I have a Star. First few months of owning it, it froze up a lot. Mostly when me and the wife queued up songs from two different iOS apps.

Then we stopped doing that and the freezes got less.

Some firmware updates later and the freezes are pretty much gone. However I rarely play from the app anymore as I got Roon.

Quite interesting because I got a screenfreeze with my Nova with the last firmware (3.5.1) recently.
It happened when I installed and launched the Naim App on a 2nd IPhone.
I believe there is something to investigate when several control points are used.

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Had a Star since August. Had a problem with a CD getting stuck, my fault, turned off half way through a rip. Unplug and replug solved that. I have had screen freeze twice, but cleared with a reboot. When WiFi is performing properly and I use this iPad mini to control I have no problems. I also run two QB’s on the same network. Not had any problems with the whole setup.

Or perhaps because there’s a lot fewer Stars than Atoms out there?


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FWIW I only used the Naim app on one mobile when it happened

Please contact Naim support I’d say. The more reports they get the better!

I will let them know as well though my report is probably less helpful

Update: reported

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Yes, please let Naim tech support know, giving as much detail as possible.

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