Speaker cable length NAP300DR

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This should be a quick/easy one.

When I bought my SuperUniti I was told that the speaker cables needed to be min 3m per cable for impedance reasons. A few upgrades later and I have a NAP300DR, does the 3m rule still apply?

I’ve checked the manual and can’t find any ref to it, I’d like to get Chord Sarum T, 2m lengths so I don’t have lots of coiled up cable and to save ££££

Thanks, Carl

I’ve got 3.5m and been told that’s the minimum!

Also NAC A5 or if your flush superlumina

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The minimum length is more important with the 300 than the SU. Don’t try to cut corners.

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Recommendations for NACA5 are in the FAQ below. The required length is a result of the cable’s electrical properties. You should ask Chord.


The reason for the cable length is to have the right inductance load, the 3.5m minimum length only applies to NACA5, this has an inductance of 1uH per meter = 3.5uH - more is better.
Does a length of Chord give the same inductance, as suggested (above) ask them, I will be surprised if you get a straight answer.

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I’d suggest Witch Hat Cables. Ex-Naim guys; they’ll know what’s what.

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Really helpful responses all, thank you very much. Will share the FAQ article with Chord and see what they say!

Another thing to consider, the Chord Sarum T & Naim Super Lumina cables are of similar construction, both screened single conductor pairs & I suspect the inductance will be similar (same ball park)
Naim do not sell a length less than 3m (I assume to get a minimum acceptable inductance) , whereas Chord’s shortest appears to be 1.5m.
Naim Super Lumina 3m = £2037 GBP
Chord Sarum T 3m = £3600 GBP

You should be exact otherwise you are not getting the optimum results. The Exact length is 3.4765m. Please be exact otherwise impedance will destroy your sound quality. Hope that helps.

For NAP 250DR it is completely different. Lengt shpuöd be exactly 3,233 because of the earth rays and magnetic field.

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It may sound funny but at 3600pounds for 3m every cm counts.

Or you can just buy wire that is not unrealistically priced and only prized because priced unrealistically :smiley:

Prized or Priced though?

OMG … let me check. Now should be correct :smiley:

Complex and profound but grammatically correct and no doubt technically correct too - food for thought!

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Ideally borrow some pairs to test out at home and see how they compare.

If cost is any issue, then Linn K20 is ‘remarkably similar’ to Naim NACA4 (note - not A5) - and is also remarkably inexpensive. YMMV, etc.

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Or use ‘K20’ even if cost isn’t an issue. Electrically it measures the same as A5

I use the s4 cables from Viablue for ~350€ a pair for 3m. Which, I think, is fairly priced. So a german company sells well reviewed, good quality product for 350€ and makes a profit … how much difference in material and „engineering“ cost is there to justify prices in the thousands. Everybody uses marketing words like highly complex, painstakingly, innovative… but there is nothing special. Like focusing on a micro detail and talking about it like it is something important …

Also if you notice on shows they tell you what you will hear when you test an expensive cable and how much better it is, priming you to hear differences where there are none. And because of priming and expectations (it is expensive, this is why is good) you imagine stuff.

I would just buy whatever I like and can easily afford. Why spending so much energy over a cable?

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Really…? Same as A4, Shirley…? Unless A4 & A5 measure the same, of course… :thinking:

You got the wrong way around, bro. It is not remarkably inexpensive. It is the normal case, the other cable is remarkably expensive.