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I’ve just received my SN3 and I’ve noticed that Naim say it’s important to have a minimum length of 3.5 metres of speaker cable, does anyone know why? I’ve always gone for the shortest length possible on all my previous kit?


I see, thanks for the response, I was going to use Chord Epic cables with Chord banana plugs both ends as they are well run in but becoming concerened now that I should use Naim cables?

It depends on the cable. Other cables with similar values and with appropriate lengths are fine, too. Chord know Naim, so if in doubt ask them. Most likely the Epic will be fine, I think, but may work best with certain lengths.

There are some cable constructions, e.g. braided and litz types, which typically are not a good fit and are known to have caused all kinds of issues including overheating. Some Audioquest as well, e.g. Rocket can be problematic and they have a special version for Naim according to their dutch website (but not mentioned on the main one), and their “Balanced Star-Quad Geometry” such as Type 5. Essentially be cautious with any cables using some special fancy designs. Those with simple strands of wire with a bit of a distance spacer (like NACA5) should be fine.

As alternatives to NACA5, many members like WitchHat and Tellurium Q Black II. See the many existing speaker cable threads :slight_smile:

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Brilliant, thanks for the knowledge share, glad you mentioned Audioquest as my alternative I have is Rocket 22!

The Rocket is available in several configs of course, so may depend on that too. (The single bi-wire one probably being the more problematic). Dunno about the 22, but see here:

Again, best to check with them, they want to sell something. In my humble opinion, the manufacturer of your shiny new amp (congrats!) recommends NACA5 and it works very well, I would try that at least as a baseline.

I recommend not to be scared by the stiffness of NACA5, it’s fine if you work with it and not against it.

Chord cables are perfectly OK with Naim, more so the intergrateds like SN who are very tolerant in that regard.
I use Chord Odyssey with my Supernait - Odessey is Epic without a screen.
Chord don’t publish specs but I measured mine & found they are 0.6uH/m.
If you do want to have the recommended Naim minimum inductance load, then you need 5.5 metres per side.

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Would Chord Sarum(not T) work within specs for the amp?

Great thanks for the info, glad I can use my existing cables as they took an ager to bed in!

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