Speaker jumpers

Hi CrazyRiver
Understand your view on jumpers.
Do you still configure positive speaker cable to HF and negative to LF terminals on speakers?
Just interested being another ProAc owner.
Thanks and HAGD.

Edit: I’ve updated to avoid confusion.

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Diagonal wiring is better the other way round.
Lots of discussion about this further back in the thread.
Hope It Helps and costs nothing to try. :+1:t2:
Positive to HF and Negative to LF


Quite, that’s what I meant but managed to reverse it. My brain is enjoying some downtime over bank holiday obvs.
Thanks again for original post it does work for me.

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I’ve never had brain fog. :lying_face:

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Just to echo Mr Skeptikal’s advice - yes, that worked for me. Cheers.


Interesting. I just may try the supplied links tonight just as an experiment.

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Using both Superlumina cable and jumpers, and borrowing @Mike-B’s diagram, my speakers have traditionally been connected as shown by example #2, but the last time this topic came up, I moved things to example #4.

Following the advice this time round, a couple of days ago I switched to #3.

Hmm … … … Do things sound slightly smoother, maybe to the point of blandness?

The Naim “edge” seems to have disappeared.

Usual rules apply, i.e. give it another couple of days to get used to the sound, and then put things back as they were.

Or am I just kidding myself, and it’s all complete bollox! :man_shrugging:


Only you can tell with your system. It works for me but we have very different set ups and room no doubt. Move on if no difference and enjoy the music. Best.

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Ditched jumpers as they made zero difference on my ProAcs.


I’ve ditched mine as well on my D2Rs. Using the setup #3 from the diagram above for the past few days. I’m starting to like it.


I stopped using jumpers too as I couldn’t hear any difference.

After much head scratching, I’ve gone back to option # 4, with the negative side hooked into the HF terminals.

I spent a few days listening to the recommended option #3, but it sounded overly smooth, and I always have preferred a slightly “rough” edge to my choons.

Anyway, everything was switched off and unplugged due to last night’s lightning storms over North Yorks., so when powering it all back up again this morning, I put things back as they had been, and bingo, the music has come alive once more, so, call it my imagination, call it the overnight power down, but that’s it for me … … … just forget it, and enjoy the music.


I’m still using #3. Smooth is a good description or natural. I’ll likely switch things up again but I’m pretty happy where I’m at (famous last words)


Whilst tidying out the photo album on my iPad, I found this. Can’t remember the source but it may have been Cultured Audio’s Naim / Kudos setup at a recent show with what looks like Superlumina link plugs


Interesting, looks like a special SL build.

I wonder what that little lot costs.

I also wonder if link plugs made from KS-1 cable are available?

I think I’ve got some 4mm Deltron plugs in the lab at work so I just need a short length of KS-1…

Worth a go I think :thinking:

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That picture begs the question why they’re still using the standard supplied Kudos link wires between the two boxes.


Yep. Perhaps they ran out of Superlumina off cuts. That stuff’s expensive :flushed:


What leads are used for the standard supplied box link wires? They don’t look like KS-1.

Yes, I recall see this at the Cultured Audio room at the recent UK Audio Show in Daventry at the backend of September.


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