Stack Audio Auva Isolators

Has anyone compared these to IsoAcoustics Gaia’s?

Also, does anyone have a picture of these under ATC SCM40’s?

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I have Stack Auva 100 isolators affixed to my Kudos Titan 505 stands and I found a not-subtle uplift in soundstage and clarity. I used Gaias with my previous speakers and found the Auva made for a bigger upgrade but did not compare them directly with the same speakers.

Nonetheless, for me the Auvas are worth the outlay and brought out the best in my 505s.


I found one review, on Ear audio. The reviewer tried them under his Kudos 606.
He wrote : they made audible, if subtle improvements.
Does it mean the improvements were minimal ? ( if I understand well « audible if subtle « ).

The price is much more expensive vs the Gaia. 4 Stack audio, standard spikes, cost 720 euros.

You can also consider Finite Elemente Cerabases, Chord silent mount, and Townsend podiums.


They look nice, here under Piega:

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Chord Silent Mounth


I expected there would be more Stack users here actually.

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Dec '23

For me this was quite a year for upgrades as well.

In my main system I swapped out the NAP200 for a NAP250DR, a Bluesound node for a ND5XS2 and a Hicap DR for a Supercap DR. In addition, I added Stack Audio Auva 70s to isolate my Evoke 30s from a wooden suspended floor. Now a very happy listener.

Because I could not bring myself to selling the swapped out bits, I used them to build a second system with a NAC202 and re-use my old Technics SL1700 TT, for which a Stageline S was bought. A nice rediscovery of vinyl.

I don’t intend to keep up this tempo next year. Time for consolidation!strong text

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Great to see my post quoted. The Auvas work very well in my main system and in our listening room. I did not compare to alternative isolators though.


The Auva EQs under the naim kit are fantastic, I haven’t tried the isolators but will likely do at some point.

There are some very good reviews on you tube in favour of the Auvas vs Gaia

I was going to get some Gaias for my 606s but will probably jump in on Auvas now.

Auva 50 under Neat Petite Classic stands - a worthwhile option

I have the Auva 70’s under Focal Sopra N2. Tried them and kept them. Did tighten up the base. Improved definition and separation. Mine sit on Oak flooring and I was using spikes before. Given the price of my kit the uplift was worth it.
I also have Auva EQ’s under most of the NC 300 set up. They each brought improvement enough to justify the purchase of 4 sets. Price adds up but I found easy justifiable. Good on Stack Audio.


Does anyone knows this one - another option:


Or these


Townsend Podiums

Despite the awesome reviews and comments of users I just can’t justify such an ugly and massive support in my living room.

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Before you spend big (any ?) cash, try brass discs wedged into vibrapods. Sometimes “Heath Robinson” can still be the answer !

I find them very nice, but it’s me.

As I have said elsewhere, the single biggest upgrade I have had in the last 10+ years was to replace the heavy duty spikes on my 100kg speakers with some ‘Cerabase’ -like supports from a well known Chinese web site.



For under $200 including tax and shipping these yielded a FAR greater improvement on my speakers than some $20,000 speaker wires I tried for a month, not to mention various other types of speaker supports.

Maybe not the best, but the bang for the Yen was phenomenal.


See my profile, i have the exact same feet. But i paid much more than 200 dollars, around 1200 euros for 6 pieces.
It made a transformative upgrade. :+1:

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I have their EQ’s below my McIntosh amp. Very good. Tried them below my CD5XS to compare to Isoacoustics. Equally impressed and kept them. Always hard to describe the changes as they aren’t night and day, nor should the be. But focussed the soundstage and released more detail without adding brightness is what I’d say in my system. Worth a trial.

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