Streaming Audio Flac from Imac to Naim Nova

Can anyone advise how to make a music library stored on external drive to Imac visible to the Naim Nova?

I dont really want to use itunes as will have to code all musing to apple lossless instead of Flac.

Both Imac and Naim on same network


The easiest option would be to connect the music library on a USB drive directly to the Nova. Best to view it through the Server input rather than the USB input so that you can browse by artist, genre etc. although it will take a little while to scan the files.

If you want to keep the files on the Mac you will need to run a UPnP server such as Asset to allow the Nova to access them.

Atom & NAS recommendations

Better client for NAS server and Atom?

Audirvana is another option that works well via Mac OS X. It also converts FLAC to WAV by default, which improves SQ on older Naim streamers. Not sure about the Nova, but Audirvana is available on a 30-day free trial.

As Easeback said, Asset will do this, as I discovered yesterday - only 12 hrs in - but looks like I’ll definitely be moving from the trial version to paid after 30 days - if not before.

  1. Install Asset on your Mac
  2. Point it at the file/files you want to use
  3. You’ll see them via the Asset logo on the server part of the Naim app.

It really has impressed me so far


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