Subwoofer - An itch worth scratching?

When I first was introduced to Naim in the early ‘80’s two things stood out: active systems and subwoofers. I’ve had an active system since the mid’90’s, but I don’t have the space to insert two more 135s or a 250 into my system to make the most of the Ovator S600. I was reading about REL yesterday and was wondering whether there was scope for one or two in my system.

Does anyone have any experience of adding REL to an active Naim system?

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Have a search on @916SPS posts.


Thanks for the link. Here’s the relevant points:
Jason at Naim and Rob at REL had a discussion and Jason said the best route would be to take a feed off the Supercap DR, that powers the SNAXO 362, that way the REL would be getting the complete frequency range that the S800s have.
I had a chord Epic Din to 2 RCA cable made that goes from socket 4 going into the low level RCA input on the REL. REL advise to use the Hi Level but doing it this way there’s hardly any difference you lose about 5 per cent of what the Hi Level does.
No the supercap powers and sends the audio signal via a burndy to the SNAXO which then splits the signal into 3 paths BMR (upper midrange & tweeter), Low Frequency 1, Low Frequency 2. The BMR crosses over to the large bass drivers at 380Hz which I believe have the same frequency range as each other going down to 20Hz.

I don’t take the RELs signal from the SNAXO, but from the supercap so the REL is getting the full frequency range that is being sent to the SNAXO before the SNAXO then splits it up, therefore the REL has bass, mids and trebles sent to it . The funny thing is that the uppermids and treble are affected byy the sub - I don’t know how but they do.

The cable Rel make is called Bassline Blue. There is a modified version of it which contains a little circuit that makes it compatible with Naim power amps so that you don’t have to connect at the speaker end.
There is also a version of this Naim specific cable made by Designacable. Maybe worth talking to them as you wouldn’t want the Neutric plug on the other end that Rel use.

The Naim DIN4-2xRCA Phono sub lead came in 5m and 10m lengths and had a 100R resistor fitted as standard.


Hi Camphuw it made a big difference to the sound stage and atmosphere to music with my S800s. There is no lag and the bass from the REL integrates with the speakers perfectly.

Well worth investigation.

People who have heard my system always ask why would I add a sub … I just turn it off and their jaws drop. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink:


That’s what I recall from my early listening experiences back in the 80’s. Now it’s time to come up to date. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Update: spoke to Ben at REL this morning and he recommended the s510 sub. Now I’ve got to find a dealer as mine has closed.

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Just listening to a Roon playlist called Low End. A post on another social platform commented that listening to it convinced him that a sub was not necessary (speakers Dynaudios but not sure what the rest of the system was). Off to arrange a couple of listening sessions today.

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I visited two high street stores this morning; the first did not stock the REL s510 but said that they would contact REL to see if they could borrow one; the other did not have one in but would borrow one from one of its branches.

Both had to ring REL to confirm the connections (from SNAXO’s supercap) and said they could not demonstrate the model because they could not set up a system similar to mine. This I understand and I await to see which shop will offer a home demo.

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