Supernait 3 Bi-Amping

Hi there
My current system is Supernait 3 connected to HICAP and to pair of Monitor Audio Platinum speakers.
Can anyone help me and explain how I can upgrade my system and implement Bi-Amping?
which additional power amplifier I should add and how to connect it to my SN3 together with the HICap?

This has been discussed before, i’ll post relevant links.

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It’s simply a matter of connecting an amplifier to the bi-amp socket - either a 200 or 250 would make sense.

I’d suggest however that you’d be better swapping the Supernait for a 282 and 250DR.

It’s also worth thinking about what your sources are, which is something you don’t mention. The SN3 is very good and it’s highly possible that upping the sources would achieve more. Putting your full system details in your profile would avoid this needing to be asked.

I reviewed all links before…
I am confused.
in the connection guide I see a diagram of SN2 plus NAP200 that does the bi-amp. -

I also see a diagram of SN2 plus HiCap plus NAP200. Here the NAP200 is power amplifier and the SN3 act as pre-amplifier.

My question is how I configure it to be bi-amp and still keep HiCap as an upgrade to the SN3

It’s the first picture with the hicap attached as normal.

I tried biamp with my SN2 and Nap 200
Two pair identical and same length loudspeaker wires needed

Worked a treat for difficult speakers in a large room

My sources are -
Rega Planar 3 turntable.

I’ve never heard the ifi, though reviews are a bit lukewarm. If vinyl is a serious source for you, getting a better Rega would give far more than biamping.


I have the REGA P3 with top tier “Exact” cartridge and with TTPSU.
I think that IFI PRO IDSD is super good DAC. A review is attached -
Pro IDSD review
I upgraded it with MUTEC REF-10 reference clock…

Hi Robert
I just have read again the manual of SN3.
It includes the first picture you referred to, But here it it presented as power amplifier and not bi-amp amplifier.
Very confusing for me…

Just connect it to the biamp socket, as shown in the picture I posted yesterday. How can it possibly be hard to understand?

Have a look at the page below from the manual

Connect the Hicap to the SN3 as per the the top diagram.

You connect the additional amplifier either as Nigel shows above (and in the lower diagram) or from socket 2 on the Hicap.

Make these connections.

Much obliged guys. :slight_smile:

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I would agree with HH, improving source will provide much more than biamp, unless room and loudspeakers are really abnormal.

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For some the act of bi-amping has an almost mystical appeal that transcends the real world…


Yes, I now have a P8 with Ortofon 2M Black. It’s so much better than the 6 I had before, and that again is much better than a 3. 3 to 8 would be a fantastic improvement.

Bi-amping, a classic case of just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should


To my mind it was a good decision by Naim to add the bi-amp out to the Supernait. It’s a good solution if you have speakers that demand more power. The next step up the Naim ladder that would achieve this would be 282/250, which is a lot more money and 4 boxes instead of 2, which might be a step too far for some people.