Supernait2 - NDX2 upgrades

Hi, Bought my first Naim gear approx 10 months ago and absolutely love it but am getting totally confused about the upgrade paths. I want to keep my box count down but am tempted to add a HicapDR to SN2. So what is best? The HicapDR for SN2, The XPS for the NDX2, Powerline (NDX2 or SN2?), or a better interconnect.
I have recently found that my IC was the wrong way around and correcting it did improve sound!
So what’s the first thing to do or should I leave well alone?
My speakers are ProAC DB1’s

First off, welcome to the community!

Sounds like you have a nicely balanced system as-is. You’ll find the consensus(general) is to upgrade your source first. Meaning in your case the XPS-DR. Keeping your box count low is the tricky thing around here. One thing that can help and box count remains the same is your interconnects. Perhaps an upgrade there or your support if it isn’t very good to begin with.

Thanks for the welcome.

I have my gear on a sturdy bookshelf so I think that is good for now but hadn’t thought of that one.

I’d get a good stand and dedicated mains, then look at an XPSDR.

Is it wrong to say, a SN3? :slight_smile:
Otherwise, I entirely agree with HH.

@Woodyneath welcome to the forum

on SN2 I would look at HCDR, as for NDX2 - either powerline (or I would very strongly recomend Titan Eleckra cable as source cable) or XPSDR but you are looking a more black boxes but also @hungryhalibut mentions good equipment stand it is to be underestimated

most of all enjoy the journey

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It was actually the SN3 that got me thinking of upgrading, but the trade in value of the SN2 is rather low and I dont need the phono stage. But am definitely interested in the SN3.
Too much choice…

I’d start with a dedicated power circuit. It’s boring, but essential.
Second - sort out the networking - this led to the biggest improvements for me / more than any box upgrade.
I’ve gone to Unifi Ubiquiti DreamMachine as router into a Unifi switch outputting POE power into a Unifi switch that is powered by the former - and uniticore and streamer are plugged into it…

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Great advice. I totally forgot about the mundane things like a dedicated power circuit and sorting out your network (If you stream content).

(DR) In my experience…and switch NDX2 never to go into ‘standby’.


Woodyneath, welcome to the forum!

My current profile is: NAS > XPS DR > NDX 2 > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > NAIM Ovator S-400 With the XPS DR, NDX 2 & SN 2 on the Quadraspire Q4EVO Bamboo 4 Shelf Rack.

There is also a wonderful discussion for members who have the SuperNait and NDX steamer in the NDX & SUPERNAIT thread. A lot of discussion regarding the HiCap, XPS DR, Cables, Racks, Interconnects, etc. A ton of great information along with some photos of members systems, so check it out.

The biggest lift for me was adding the XPS DR to the NDX 2. I also went from a pair of ProAc D2 speakers to my current Ovator S-400 speakers which was a nice uplift. I do love the ProAc line of speakers and your ProAC DB1must sound great in your system.

Go luck with your journey and have fun along the way…


Definitely following my system and order for doing things.

Dedicated supply.
Fraim or decent rack.
HicapDR! Fantastic and much bigger uplift than the XPS DR.
HiLine or SL interconnect.
This all based on you happy with your speakers.

Welcome! A delightful system.

I’ve built my system around the SN2 and NDX2 and are delighted with it. I’d probably not worry about the SN3 and max out what you have.

Source first is a well tried and trusted approach here I think. Get the power and Ethernet connection basics well established. Dedicated mains may, or may not, be necessary, where are you and do you have mains pollution? Have a solid setup for the electronics.

Then going source first, I’d be recommending the XPS DR, which was transformational for me. Then upgrading the interconnect to the SN2, followed by the HiCaP (I did the opposite order), then speaker cables. I have Superlumina interconnects and speaker cables, quite expensive, but somewhat a “woah what happened there” sort of upgrade.

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I have a similar set up to yours and also found a greater lift from the XPS DR than the Hi Cap.

The HiCap is also much more affordable, so is certainly a great option to start with. I did both power supplies at the same time.

Couldn’t disagree more. I found (after trying on two occasions with two HCDRs) that the SN2 sounded better without.

The XPSDR on NDX2 however…



Another vote for a good rack and a DR external power supply for the NDX2. I’ve heard it with and without power supplies and I find it greatly improved by an external PSU.


That’s why everyone needs to listen for themselves, everyone has there own ears.


Wow! Lots more options than I was expecting.

To be honest for me at this moment in time I think I will hold fire on any upgrades. I do really like what I’ve got and it is a considerable improvement on my previous Cyrus equipment. I just wish I’d bought Naim 8yrs ago when I got the Cyrus, but really wasn’t looking at that kind of budget then.

Thanks for all the advise and recommendations. Very much appreciated.

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In what way did the Hicap make your SN2 sound worse in your opinion?