System Pics 2019

it looks like a professional kitchen.

Well spotted Richard! Thought you might notice that… it’s all original, came with an original RegaPlanar 3 with R200, inherited from my great uncle. Was purchased over 36 years ago by me on his behalf, and sat covered up in his study room untouched in all that time. If the cartridge had 10 hours on it i’d be surprised, as he was over 60 when we bought it. The R100 sounds sublime on this Project turntable, in true Supex rich style, and the Graham Slee stage, being less dark than a Naim one, really compliments the Supex/Rega sound. I’d have to spend an awful lot of money to improve on it, even if i could find something with similar voicing.

Great story Gary. Can you still find replacement styli for the R100?

Richard, certainly not with an elliptical profile as original, but a conical replacement is available online. I doubt the cheaper conical replacement will be a match for the original to be fair, but i think my copy has many years of play left in it. I do really love the euphonic endearing nature of Supex derived pickups, which may not be in vogue these days, yet manage to sound very special and unerringly musical even by todays standards.



You have the older concept of the vivace (i guess ''87 or '94)

See my topic => Via vivace DIY :slight_smile:

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just wanted to point that it must not be easy…i guess you have still to follow such schematic as in the photo. maybe not quite the same.


Interesting. Thanks. Having seen that I think I’d want something a little less spotlit with a more even distribution of light. Mind you I’ve been looking for years and never really found a satisfactory solution.

Professional in what way?

Nice , you don’t see many Pro-Ject turntables on these pages, but at the higher end they have some really good looking turntables and I bet that sounds good too.

very nice and modern.

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Ah, I see - thanks! :blush: Completed it about 9 years ago along with the rest of house. It was a complete renovation, everything was stripped back to brick, walls knocked through, even the chimney breasts removed to gain extra space. Really happy with how it turned out but looking at moving on again in a few years time. Really want to do a build from scratch but will have to see how it goes.


Thanks Ian, you are right on both counts, Project don’t get too much love on here, and yes it does sound rather good!

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SL2s sound great back in the old listening room I think it’s down to the solid concrete floor plus dedicated mains. The room thats now home to my UQ2/Allaes is block and beam, anyway here is a pic.


My Nain system back form the first ever service, (30 year old system), and just waiting to put back into the wall rack, which was purpose made at the time after a period of the system being in a stack with separation boards with rubber feet, to suit the domestic arrangements for the room, which is plan 3m x 2m and 2.5m high. Not sure if I remember any change in the sound as the system moved from the stack to the wall rack, but the domestic arrangement takes precedent over fine details of sound quality!

All standing on new rubber feet…
Sorry about the table cloth, should have moved it…


:small_blue_diamond:@HiFiman,…How would you describe the difference between Allae and SL2 in your old listening room.?

Have you changed anything in the room,.the system between these two speakers.?


Nice photo. The change in system location may not have changed things much, but I’ll wager that the change in sound from a first service in 30 years will be pretty dramatic :crazy_face:. Enjoy!

@Peder… I haven’t tried the Allae’s on the existing kit 272/555DR/250DR in the old listening (current) room but before I purchased the SL2s the above kit with Allae’s were setup in the newer room that’s now home to the UQ2/Allae’s.

When the SL2s arrived I did run them with the 272 in the newer room for a few months before i switched rooms.

OK … After all these years of being in denial I must now admit the matching stands transform the look of the Gales :sunglasses:

Mr Tibbs


Well done Mr Tibbs, they are perfect.