System Pics 2020

Ha, but a cheap knock off copy unfortunately.

I think you have both endured a lot, so I’ll just offer you both good wishes and I’m sure that in real life you would be most compassionate towards each other. We are not living in the easiest of times, so grace goes a long way.


It’s the situation (WAF) :cry: :joy: :joy:

This is when i’m playing some records. I don’t play often.


I don’t think my knees or back would be able for that. Nice speakers by the way, what are they?

Guys the problem with forums is, they full of different personalities and different backgrounds.

As we all know you can’t show any form of emotion via a message so people often don’t know if someone’s joking, messing around or being deadly serious.
This lockdown is making everyone a bit edgy and touchy.

The forum is a bit like the workplace…

You have the jokers, the blokes you want to avoid like the plague and the blokes who you would quite happily go to the pub with after.
On here we can’t do any of that.
There is the option to silent individuals if someone really bugs you that much.
Ultimately everyone on hear has one thing in common and that is the love of music, let’s not forget that.

Keep things positive :+1:t2:


It’s a DIY from vifa. The vivace model 2012.

see: DiY floorstanders for Naim Supernait 2


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Thank you @mikegs for your time and reply.
And let me tell you my experience. It concerns you too, I suppose. I am fortunate to have an ND5 XS2 on loan at my place. Yesterday I made some A-B tests, between CD5XS as a cdp and a transport into ND5XS2. The dacs on ND5XS and ND5XS2 are the same, as far as I know.
First tried well recorded material, first transport then cdp. And repeated that like 3 times. The difference was clearly audible, transport inferior to cdp. Cdp was more life-like, more energetic, more clear, I can say.

Then another record, not so well recorded this time. To be honest, difference was less this time, but again I favored Cdp, especially bass was little bit boomy with transport, it was bad bass, I suppose. We repeated the track 3 times on this one too.

These were my findings, my thoughts, my words. Of course it’s hard for me to describe, like a reviewer, but you’d guessed it already.

And I must say my wife was with me on that too, cause I didn’t tell her which is which, for her it was real blind test. She favored Cdp for both records and that was a relief. ‘It wasn’t just me!’ So we’re two for Cdp in this house!

And nDAC’s the way I’m gonna take, it seems!:grinning: Stay safe.


@Ian2001 Well Ian, I started off when I was about 14 and will be 56 this year. Life isn’t always what you expect or want it to be and these days I am neither happy with nor proud of my current main system (with Naim amplification) and I just can’t convince myself that a picture of pure sadness would make anyone’s day. I will say that the system that brought the most happiness was this one: Martin Logan Quest Z, Jadis DA-7, Sonic Frontiers SFL2 and a Wadia 21 all before streaming came along. Why did my wife make me sell that stuff? The Naim system is set up in the same space and location and really, definitely, most assuredly sounds like pure hell and procures zero pleasure. Fortunately, I have 4 other systems in the gym, workshop, bureau and guest bedroom which allow me to tweak and interchange things from time to time and which are pleasureful to listen to. The Naim adventure, on the other hand has surprisingly been mostly frustration and regret. The mental energy spent figuring how to get out of this mess is exhausting. Anyway, I do plan to win the EuroLottery soon and that may allow for more suitable alternatives…or not!

@DrMark Thanks DrMark. I might add that owning this system and actually listening to it are 2 distinctly different things. My room is certainly a primary culprit but I’ve signed, under extreme duress, the infamous Domestic Peace Treaty and now my hands are tied.

@Bandit - that one-level Fraim looks soooo cute! I love that chair too – may I enquire what it is?


Looks like an LCW chair by Ray and Charles Eames


It’s a replica one :sweat_smile:

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Fascinating. I’ve always fancied having a crack at DIY speakers. I really like the clean looks of those with the white finish. I’ll do some research but do you know if they can be run active?

Looks like an Eames molded plywood chair.

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You’ll see a pair in the background of promo pix for PMC fact 12 signatures

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:weary: Deep despair :weary: Hopefully still comfortable though.

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It may not be twice the SQ level/enjoyability/etc… but the move from 300DR to 250DR made a BIG difference in my system. Definitely a move I don’t regret. Much more humph, presence, tighter bass and significant difference at low volume.

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Thank you - yes, it’s a replica eames molded plywood chair in walnut

Out of interest, did you audition them against any other, perhaps brand, speakers? And why did you choose these over any other diy models out there?

Is the lower shelf the Quadraspire Soundstage?

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