System Pics 2022

My Hiline lost a channel again so fitted my spare.


I only have one Hiline box, the other is the ND555 accessory box so they’ll go back one at a time. This one is at least still preferable to a Lavender on the ND but I’m starting to consider a Morgana.


That hi-fi tower is certainly not bonsai. :smiley:


I like the idea of the foam for the cables. :+1:


Definitely worth trying Morgana, i preferred it to my hiline, which i still have as a spare as it came with my nd555.

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One of my walls is open to another room, as yours is. I’ve thought of closing the room in but have reasons for being reluctant to do so. Have you found that the panel improve the sound?

Excellent phono stage👍

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Yes, they do, it’s very subtle but I can tell when they’re not there. I sometimes forget to put them in place and within a short time I realise somethings missing.
Off course I have one to the right of the right speaker because there’s a double patio glass door into the garden.
You could say it’s my naive attempt to make both sides of the room the same.
They do having a pleasing effect though.

Thanks for replying. I have some room treatment, and the company said that any room treatment put on the open side should have the same on the other side.

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I finally found a nice little table to put the Muso II on. Mrs Opus didn’t care how it looks…It sounds really good, big, great bass, it even images. Very happy. I put a Furutech power cord on it and have it plugged into an Audio Quest Power 3


Mr @opus I particularly like the Ninja on your mantelpiece, it’s a really delicate piece …

I think it might behoove you to delineate the relationship between the Muso and your fireplace … I realize it’s currently summer and the fireplace is not in use … is it ever in use ? Will the Muso be moved in winter if the fireplace is in use ? Inquiring minds want to know …

Visually, it practically disappears in front of that fireplace. What happens when winter comes?

It’s actually an antique bronze Samurai! And it’s actually two separate pieces the Samurai is separate from the horse, and thank you, it’s been in my family for probably 100 years. As far as the fireplace it’s gas and we don’t use it so at least for now it stays where it is.

We turn on the heat … LoL. We’re in the US and have two separate HVAC systems. Had to replace one this year, not cheap!

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Yeah, I did my HVAC a short while back - still smarting from the cost!

I`m new from Seoul, South Korea.
I am very enjoying NDX and supernait and nac a5.
The speakers with these are celestion sl6si and kef 104/2. I am very happy with these two.


Nice setup and welcome.

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Is it 72inch tv ?

no. it’s a 70inch LG tv


Ah, a small one then :wink:


Are you happy now, with how your stereo sounds, tune, prat and … ?