System Pics 2022

Are you happy now, with how your stereo sounds, tune, prat and … ?

Close! :grinning:

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Kacper was off by a rounding error!

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Gone minimal for a bit…


Back to Naim again with NAC112x, NAP150x and ND5XS streamer. My first Naim system which has no fatique midbass coloration. It just plays music.

System: Naim NAC112x | Naim NAP 150x | Naim ND5XS | Rega Planar 2 | Marantz CD 5005 | Rega mini fono A2D | Marantz NR1608 | Sony 6700 BR | Ziggo Next | Apple TV 4K | Philips 50PUS7906 | KEF Q550/Q250c/Q150/Q50a/Kube 10


Very nice.

Love that Bonobo album and the Heavenly remix comps.


Thanks, Weatherall and I were friends at school together in the 70s so I try to collect things like these. The Bonobo album is just another great one from him.


New shelves!

Home made to fit inside the unit without having to modify the unit. Both on squishy rubber feet.


Nice :+1:

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I don’t like fast tempo music. But even in the latest hip-hop music that my wife sometimes listens to, the sound is great, but it’s not a quick response.
female vocals - I usually listen to, the sound density is very attractive.

Welcome to the Forum — great to have a Korean enthusiast here! :grinning:

I love Seoul; tend to spend every summer in there. It’s such a dynamic place; it changes all the time.

Do you get your gear from Scheherazade, or is there another decent Naim dealer around? I got my Sennheiser HD800S from them. They have a great range of headphone. During our time in Seoul I only have head-fi and a small Bose Bluetooth speaker…


That made me laugh.

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You are a model Naim customer. :wink:

I started with a Uniti 2 and now have a full 500 rig with all the bells and whistles.

I recon Unitis emit some kind of drug-soaked gas, and when inhaled by unsuspecting punters it addicts them to the music. As you go up the Naim heirarchy, Naim fill their boxes with stronger gas.


That explains everything!

thanks Dragon!
That’s right, it’s a very dynamic and intense city. So people here are probably very tired of their daily lives. Maybe that’s why I’m more into music.
Scheherazade in no longer name dealer, dealership changes to another company, but they are not receiving good reviews due to high repair costs.

I`ve got these naim gears and speakers as used from online audio community.

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What is the box the
Linn klimaxDSM is sitting on?

It looks like a Klimax Radikal to me.

Yep-Klimax Radikal. It is Linn Sondek CD12 cd player and not a DSM. 10 weeks delivery time on the additional shelf so they will have time to get intimately acquainted …

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A week or so after posting my ‘trusty’ TEAC ref’ receiver, an opportunity came up on a 2nd generation Arcam Solo Movie 5.1 that was too good to miss. 1 owner with box/accessories etc.

It took me a few evenings to set it up properly but it really it a big leap on from the TEAC. It incorporates a Blu-ray/SACD/CD drive and 5 channels of Arcam Class G amplification supplied by a pretty large toroidal transformer - critically it is 4 ohm stable.
The specs are:
2 channels driven 75wpc 8 ohm/120 wpc 4 ohm
5 channels driven 60wpc 8 ohm/75 wpc 4 ohm

While setting things up I discovered a faulty speaker terminal on one of the Celestions - I took the terminal apart, applied Deoxit and reassembled which has done the trick.


Why do you keep it in the oven? :flushed: