System Pics 2022

It keeps it hidden away - when you see the other end of the room with the main system it makes sense - domestic harmony and all :wink:.

P.S. I only ever run it with the front ‘door’ open and I put the cabinet together without the back on it.

That’s why I didn’t go for a full-sized receiver - especially Marantz/Denon as they are known to run very hot. This one runs cooler than the TEAC did :crossed_fingers:.

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At first glance I thought Naim and Exposure had collaborated and done a kind of A&R A60 teak wraparound.

Image from web.

Nicely done.


Ah bring back the wooden case.


Now that really does look daft. What a strange idea for a design.

Graham LS5/9f speaker, part-illuminated in the evening sunshine


Nice one!
Are the corners of the rack just a teaser for the rest of the system? :slight_smile:
Would love to see it! :wink:

This makes a lot of sense. So much sense sense that I imagine that @NigelB will soon vanish.


:slightly_smiling_face: Thank you very much.

Here it is - listening to the Fabs after McCartney’s epic Glastonbury set last night.


Another sunlit speaker pic. ATC 50ASL in the afternoon sun


I hear you!! I love my time in Seoul but I doubt I could live there for good. We spend about 6 weeks there in the summer, this year even 7 weeks. But at the end of it I am ready to go back to London — for a rest… :smiley:

And the weather is ever so slightly too extreme; quite intense: in Summer too hot and humid, and in Winter too cold. But Easter time is lovely. :sunglasses:

Are they the Chord Company discs under the speaker? I was quite impressed with the difference they made when I installed them - interested in your opinion.
Also interested in the glass bottle lamp…?

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ATC’s looking good, like the lamp too! You’ll have to post a “fuller shot” of your set up.



If youre gonna be here again, go outside of downtown of Seoul, Borrowing a bicycle and riding through Han river east or west.. Im enjoying ride a roadbike , this is another way of healing for me.
Forgive my poor English


Yes @ameads, Chord Silent Feet, good spot. I had quite a few changes to the system when they were installed, so hard to quantify exactly the difference they’ve made. Stillpoints May have been better but Silent Feet were more discreet. The lamp is from the 1950s, by an Italian designer called Gino Sarfatti.

@Farthings-cat. My hifi journey has been long and varied with speakers from KEF, Epos, B&W, Naim, Living Voice and DeVore all been with me in the past with amps from Quad, Musical Fidelity, Border Patrol as well as Naim. Every speaker I had, I loved in one way or another, but those active ATCs really do seem to be able to do everything I could imagine I would want from a speaker and amp!
But the picture was carefully taken to hide the mess of our ongoing renovation. Once it’s all done I’ll be happy to post a picture, it’ll mean I can finally enjoy the system properly.


No need to apologise, your English is far better than my Korean


Jim, nice speakers
In what space do the ATCs play and what is the distance between them to the walls and you?

Hi @ditton66
The speakers are in a pretty large room around 60m2 floor space with a vaulted ceiling that’s nearly 5m at its apex. The ATCs have no issue filling that space. 10pm on the preamp creates party volumes in the whole room. I sit quite close, under 3m away , so the speakers are toed in a little.