System Pics 2022

Stay on stand bye though I’m sure there’ll be others. :grin:


Looking out for a CB Nat 01. :thinking:

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Well that was worth it! Sounds So much better. Now time for some painting and decorating :man_facepalming:


That’s better - The 606s will appreciate the space.

Nice work :+1:


OKI, pretty much decided on the (almost) finished study system. I just want to find a Nat 01 CB at some stage. No rush, just as and when one turns up at an affordable price.

Sorry for the stacking and style boo boos but this is it.

and the retro stack hiding behind the retro speaker


Good work, I bet that’s made quite a nice improvement.

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Don’t forget a decent antenna too when you find one.


Out with the old, in with the new and apart from the Muso QB I am now Naim less.
Sorry to see the 272/555 go, and the 250.2 to follow, but things move on.


Hi Adam, thank you so much for taking the time in providing such a detailed reply as well as the photographs. It will prove to be really helpful to me. My system will be moving rooms on Monday as work on the house continues and I’m looking forward to trying your settings as a great starting out and possibly even finishing point. I love the Kef S2 stands but at the moment am balking at the prospect of stumping up the £400 for them and unfortunately the grey stands don’t turn up that often on eBay. The speakers and stands combined look awesome in my opinion. Just about to start Googling your recommended speaker cable now! Thanks again.

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No worries , I got lucky with the stands that a helpful guy at richer sounds said he thought they had some still in stock when it looked like they had none.

Then filled them with atabytes and really good stand, almost approaching my classic target R2 stands that were bespoke for Proac studio 100s I had years ago and kept ever since, now my Guru Qm10s on them.

Mate of mine has the metas in white, one of the hardest choices is which colour to go for, they all look great.


Thought so. We have stayed there twice. The second time was on our honeymoon and we had a week at the then new Lindos Blu. We would love to go back. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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For a minute there is thought you had got rid of your kitchen! That would have been true dedication to SQ😬

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I guess this setup sounds completely different?! From Naim to Topping. Can you describe the differences and why you made this switch?

I have just received them last week and have no stands for them yet, so i have not been able to compare them yet. The stands should arrive at the end of the month, so if you take into account that the speakers need quite a while to run in i suppose that i won t be able to make any meaningful comparison before the end of October.
If you are willing to wait until i will share my experience here in the forum.


I’d heard and read a lot of good stuff about Topping, and managed to get the items you see on a home loan. I realised very quickly that the Topping system was adding clarity and control compared against my 272/555/250.2. Bass lines were snappier and easier to follow, subtle details that I’d not really noticed before were apparent; all the usual clichés apply.

I tried combinations of Naim and Topping and it was clear that the Topping DAC fed from my server was markedly superior to the 272s streamer/DAC. That’s hardly surprising I guess as the 272 is quite old, and DACs have moved on a lot recently. Others on this forum have similar experiences I think.

The amplification side was a much closer call, but in my world there is no case to be made for keeping the 272/555 as a preamp only, so it had to go. I thought about keeping the 250, but the fact the Topping power amp can be bridged and is also a very competent integrated amp swung the deal in its favour. (And I am personally not keen on mix and match components either.)

The fact that the sale of my power supply pretty much covered the cost of the entire Topping system and all the cables was an added bonus.

To stay with Naim I’d probably have had to get ND5 XS2 or perhaps NDX2 , and then a different preamp adding loads of boxes and at substantial cost, so that’s my story.


Thank you for your extensive answer. I all makes sense I guess. Enjoy you new system!


Only experts will see the change here: where the Superuniti used to be is now a Supernait 3. How come?
As with many other’s, my Superuniti’s screen faded rapidly - four days after warranty expired. Now, I think I mentioned I have a very good relationship to my dealer, so I brought the Superuniti there for repair.
And then I made a BIG mistake: asking how long the repair would take he said “a while” and suggested to provide substitute. I thought he was going to give me some other streamer to bridge the wait, but no, the clever guy gave me a Supernait 3 and a ND5XS2.
This is so much better than the Superuniti (which is great), this combo will be my next aspiration. Need to convince the better half though…
BTW, the streamer is inside the sideboard so I can enjoy the one-box setup.


Your dealer is very clever :sweat_smile:



In my understanding, a huge room like that is quite like no room at all. But I am curious on what you think of that.