System Pics 2022

Great album. That was my introduction to Bowie so I have a huge soft spot for it.


The metas keep surprising me, they were in honesty a bored covid buy, I’ve got two pairs of Guru Qm10s so only bought the Kefs on a hunch they could be giant killers in the mould of the Pioneer A400 (which always escaped me, other than a bust eBay buy that went back).

The Guru’s are absolute legends in their own right, so this wasn’t a replacement and to begin with the Kefs were underwhelming. They took ages to run in and couldn’t hold a candle to the Guru’s for enjoyment, technically, yeah, they were good, but did they move me, not a jot.

After lots of positioning changes I began to get the measure of them and since then they’ve gone from strength to strength. With the latest addition of a new Ania on the RP6 they’ve just sung.

As said previously the kc62 was another lesson in perseverance, but now, the two in tandem, run in and positioned as best as they can be in my room, spellbinding.

The more you provide to them the better they get, but they are not a throw it at them and they just deliver.

I suspect many owners might wonder what the fuss is, or be in systems that can’t reveal their strengths, which will probably make them a steal on the used market when they can be accommodated to deliver their best.

Sounds like hard work rewarded!

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It is, but I would totally understand if there were any posts that said they had heard them and didn’t get what all the fuss was about.

I’ve heard them in different systems and environments sound very underwhelming.

Definitely for me not a component that will fix a load of issues elsewhere and somehow produce magic.

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Lovely morning.



Good grief, all of that happened to me too, not married to the same woman are we?


Interesting looking set pieces is a recurring theme with your still life domestic images.
Is there a method you use to best judge what objects belong together ?
Do you take inspiration from the art prints, with colour and mass or from your eye ?
If some devilish deviant was to enter and swap over an item from one cluster to another, would you notice ?

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Loving the light and shade photography. Very nicely done sir.


Thanks @TOBYJUG . If intuition is a method then I guess that’s it. I have a natural resistance to symmetry so I tend to favour groups of three. The objects and prints have been chosen independently, but I suppose with the same governing sensibilities.

I would notice if a group were mischievously shuffled I think!



Thanks @1GiantLeap but all down to nice reflected light light and an old iPhone as I was dashing out the door to work this morning.

We moved here 5 years ago and 2 things I always check when viewing prospective property: 1) Where will the HiFi go & 2) Where does the sun track in the living room?




With a very sick Nait XS, a Supernait 3 has come for a sleepover. It’s certainly grabbed the Evokes by the scruff


Love mine! They are great!

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That’s a great looking room and layout.


Nice to see speakers set up with air around them to breathe :+1:t3: Enjoy Peter

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He he, we have one of those, a black shaggy dog that is!

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re your dedicated mains, how did you run the ground from your Naim gear? did you A-B the grounding options, eg lifted /no ground vs attached to the separate mains line vs a separate ground to a buried iron ground rod?



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