System Pics 2023

my latest incarnation


May I ask what wooden plinths are your speakers on?
We are having Karndean LVT Flooring in our lounge, and have just bought a couple of IKEA Aptitlig bamboo chopping boards to try under my Kudos Titan 606’s.

I think this is the answer your looking for @DJM, its in FR’s profile :slightly_smiling_face:
“apertura altra speakers on finite elemente cerabases”

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Hi @chris5 Nice looking set up, though I would like to point out…

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I did a similar thing when I owned an LP12, which came to me with a scruffy Black Ash plinth. Only I liked the bare wood so much, I decided to keep it au natural!

I no longer have the deck but hope whoever has it, enjoys living with the plinth as much as I enjoyed creating it.




Hi, it’s more a diy platform, not specially nice looking, but very effective in my case as the floor is floating wood. There’s first 2 cm granite slab, then around 8 cm medium wood. Then my speakers sit on Finite Elemente cerabases ( I removed the spikes).
One day I will replace that stand with Townsend seismic platform.


Thanks for that info. I was ordering some bits and pieces from IKEA and thought while I’m at it, I’ll order a couple their bamboo chopping boards.
I was going to sit my Kudos 606 speakers on them, still using the Kudos spikes.

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That’s a lovely wood grain, Ian. It would be a crime to have it painted over.

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Have you considered Gaia 2s on the hardfloor?

Hi Ian, had the turntable been mine staying with the natural wood finish would have been the better option, the black finish is a little dull but everyone to their own.
Interestingly the relative that owns the turntable has now decided he wants sell it, guessing he has been checking what they sell for s/h and thought wow! He has offered me first refusal but its difficult to put a price on it, I may post in the “Show us your Sondek section” just to get their thoughts.

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Just bought a Naim UnitiQute2 for my kitchen system. Together with the small Dali speakers it sounds incredibly good. I use my NDX2 as the master. However the connection is not always stable, despite the use of fiber based wi-fi. I welcome any suggestion for improving the stability of the multi-room set up.


Wired Ethernet between the Qute and everything else.

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Yeah, my Qute 1.5 (UQ1 with updated boards) was way more stable after using wired ethernet connection.

Not sure what you mean here? If the Unitiqute is on WiFi, remember that the older Naim streamers had poor wireless performance and really need an Ethernet cable connecting them. The newer models like your NDX2 have much better WiFi performance.

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If you were to try a mesh wifi system, and have one of the mesh satellites close to the Qute. You could then plug the Qute into the satellite.

Thank you. That is I guess the best alternative to a cable. I was not aware of the big difference in wireless performance between the old and the new streamers as Chris wrote.

i’m no longer in the hi fi world since i found myself spending more on electronics than music, but i found this nait 2 in pristine condition at a ridiculous price and i couldn’t pass it up.


You realise that apart from your Klipsch speakers we have exactly the same system.

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Hi GeoffC, And what is the theory behind that? It sounds like logical but still I’m curious. And then why do we (at least some of us) use shielded cables?

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