System Pics 2023

My daughter (21) is home for a few days. Took the opportunity to upgrade her speakers to my stored (but superb) Technics SB-C700. The NAD 316BEE amp, RP1 and Chord cables are courtesy of her generous uncle !


The best solution for the retina burning blue led on Akurate Radikal 1 is this £4.99 solution. Worked for me.


Haha! Even cheaper- a bit of black electricians tape cut to cover said laser has fixed the problem. Because it’s tucked away no one would notice the presence of this.

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However with the blue laser becoming totally sticky tape disabled from releasing it’s plasma energy the warp phase will become destabilised and overheat the dilithium crystals, and resulting in an explosion big enough to disintegrate everything on the naim frame (causing an issue on many levels) and thus; your next listening position picture will expose a a row of blackened toes poking out of a pair of chard and smoking socks, so be very careful how you go about this… :smiling_imp:


You win hifi packrat of the year award. :trophy: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, it took an unbelievable amount of hard work to get it to that level of untidiness, dishevelment and general disorder.

I bet it’s triggering OCD all over the place :rofl:

Did you like the way I used four Witch Hat Audio - Morgana boxes on top of my Nac 52?

I would of been more organised but last year I imported into the UK three old Ex Demo Solidsteel 6.4 racks from a hifi shop in Munich, the shop carefully strapped them onto pallets then covered them in thick cardboard and then wrapped them in plastic.

The only problem being that the courier in their infinite wisdom decided to unpack everything (after being told not to) and leave them loose in the back of their van with all the other crap they were shipping.

£1000.00 straight down the drain.


The icing on the cake😂


The exact area of peak icing is debatable :rofl:

It’s amazing what horrors moody lighting and a carefully chosen camera angle can hide.


You’ll be giving @Tonym flashbacks with that :slightly_smiling_face:


I was thinking exactly the same :joy: Best Peter

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Has anybody else seen what Toya is upto on Youtube :open_mouth: lets just say it’s an eye opener but she looks like she’s having a lot of fun :wink:


Are you talking about her and Roberts ‘Sunday Lunch’ videos @Yorkshireman, or is she up to something new?

Yes, her and Roberts ‘Sunday Lunch’ videos… Looks good for her age…

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The cables which you have kept off the floor with pipe insulation and boxes must be very important to be properly dressed in your room!


They’ve been doing those since ‘Lockdown’. Bl@@dy hilarious🤣
I haven’t watched any for a while…


lol :rofl:

Yes, It’s a 2 metre length of Kondo KSL VZ II, very rare and about £2000 retail. I didn’t want it marking resting on the edge of that box.

The rooms a bit of a mess but I am very careful with everything.


The one a I saw last week Toya was topless except for some gold leaf that had been loosely and sparsely applied to her upper half :blush:

You’ve gone very quiet, are you on Youtube :rofl:


Of course that is understandable - I realised by looking at the position of the foam, though it looks like it is long enough to sit on the floor, hence my mentioning the height lifting on the 2 boxes.


just watched the ‘pretty vacant’ one… its a hoot!