System Pics 2024

As always James, lovely!:+1:

It’s a haemorrhoid ring

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A minor update to my system, 10mm gray hardened glass plates added to the FraimLite shelves (only the top level there is a real Fraim). For the aesthetics, if nothing else, but looks like million bucks now to me.


Lovely lean on the speaker

I’m afraid my mobile camera lense exaggerates the tilt on the righthand speaker. It’s not quite that heavy.

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Love the matching wood Fraim, speaker and LP12 plinth. Looks gorgeous.


I did the same for my Fraimlite shelves. I have 4 Fraimlite shelves. Then 7 full Fraim. The cost of Fraimlite even used vs Full Fraim is big. But if you can at some point try to get Full Fraim base unit. Entirely up to you, but it looks better. I have 3 Full Fraim bases. Alot of Fraim! I love Fraim :heart:. It looks and sounds the business.

Lovely set up. What spec is your LP12?

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Yes, I’ve been thinking about a Fraim Base, but they don’t make that tinted (dark) cherry colour at the moment, so I’d need to find a used one. Haven’t seen any of those available.

That LP12 of mine is a long time project :). Originally from 1983, I’ve had it since 2008 or so. It came to me with a twisted plinth, without a tonearm and cartridge. It now has a Majik subchassis, Karousel, Lingo 3, Ekos I, and an AT VM760SLC cartridge, 2020’s spec top plate and outer platter. And a Woodsong Audio (Chris Harban’s) plinth with a slight discoloration - but that doesn’t bother me, it just comes out in photographs.

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The LP12 looks epic. Lovely spec too.

Difficult I know to get Cherry Fraim base. Other option is to buy 2 Fraim cherry shelves, buy all the Fraim base parts and then sell the uprights. Now that maybe too much of a faff! Ebay and dealers are your friends on this one.

These things are never easy. I struggled at times getting my Fraim parts. I bought Fraim shelves with silver uprights. And then part exchanged them with dealer for new black ones. And then bought Naim cups and balls. Most of glass is Naim but a couple of sheets are made up by other suppliers.

My Fraim is mixture of Maple which is discontinued and Ash, which is not quite a match but not too bad.

Other option is French polisher services who will be able to get a really good match by refinishing a different wood finish. Or get joiner to replicate the cherry Fraims. Anything is possible. But not easy!

Or just leave it all and enjoy it as it is!



It did cross my mind already if I should ask a joiner to modify the bulky FraimLite shelves into the sleekier Fraim shape, I just don’t know what would be the outcome when that side surface would be cut. Is that wood or plywood, whatever lies there underneath the surface, really workable or would it be ruined forever :grin:.

I’ve used one for a couple of months when driving after prostatectomy. Not unpleasant…

The shelves are MDF with veneered wood. A specialist joiner can change them. But they need to be a top notch one. I’m a builder and have experience of this kind of work. It has to be absolutely spot on. Speak to French polisher about dying different coloured Fraim shelves to cherry finish. It might be easier to buy light ash base and get it dyed.


Love my new classic 200 stack :slight_smile:


Nice matching speakers and shelving. Great set up!

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Hi Dan, I’ve been wanting to add an extra shelf to my Fraim Lite base for a while but cannot find anywhere I can the bolts needed. Would you mind sharing where you purchased these from? Or is that against forum rules? Apologies if so.

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Five box ?

Three of high fidelity and two of haute horology :slightly_smiling_face:


Any Naim dealer can order Fraim parts for you. Phone around. I have bought Fraim from Signals and Tom Tom Audio. They can part exchange uprights as well for colour of your choice. You can also buy the glass, cups and balls for Fraimlite.

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Hi guys… side track abit … need some advice … does a switch (eg EE 8) plays a vital role in streaming set up ? Thanks