System Pics 2024

I think that’s more than a side track. There are threads thousands of comments long in the streaming section about that. And to be honest, they are all somewhat a culture war. I’m not even going to offer an opinion - the topic is “fraught” and I won’t touch it with a 10 foot barge pole. But if you specifically search you will find threads even just about the EE.


Ok shall search for those threads and read about switch . Thanks

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For me, yes. Good piece of kit and a big improvement on my system.

There are many threads on the Forum about this, do a search for EE8 and there will be a lot to see.

Enjoy your reading.



In one word, yes. Have a read of some threads and then keep an eye on second hand market and do some experimenting.

I ended up with Innuos PN but plenty of cheaper options about that can improve digital replay


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You do know you can be treated for OCD, smugness and pedantry don’t you?

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Take a shelf to your local joiner/woodworker and get them to make one up in whatever colour you want.

Getting quality stuff made in wood or wood material by a craftsman can be a lot cheaper than buying it off the shelf (excuse the pun).


For me, no. there is no proof of it. a switch cannot upgrade the signal.

Thank you guys … also there’s EE1 a “new” product, guess it’ works like the EE 8 . . anyway , back to system pic thread… :sweat_smile:

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Right take it outside lads.


Thanks David. Hope all is good with you and your system has settled back in after the house renovations. :+1:

:popcorn: :popcorn: :rofl:

Nothing changed at all apart from the fact I’ve actually got a chance to listen to it this weekend. Also with a conversation going on about keeping or selling your CDs I thought I’d show them (partly) in their full glory.


Well I’ll certainly not be selling my CDs also despite now having the NDX2

Like the physical contact with CDs and Vinyl :+1:


For me, maybe lots of other forum members too, there is a certain appeal, je ne sais quoi, for a display of CD’s, or vinyl records, or books, or magazines…

Nice photo :+1:


I’d like to get my CDs into my listening room/office, but I haven’t worked out how to do a good job with it yet (without removing Mrs Mikes desk, and I’m not brave enough to go there :flushed:).

Shelves, I’m are only $110 on amazon and don’t take a lot of space.


How many CDs do you have? I’ll buy local made, Bonzo doesn’t need my money.

I’m out at the moment but I think 450, I’ll find and get back to you.



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See above we’re opening a new clubhouse for the local rugby, Mrs Pete has only given me 3 hours outside.