System Pics 2024

Gonna have to agree with the rest of the comments ive just read. That orange looks absolutely fantastic… A truly beautiful looking setup :ok_hand:


Thank you! Much appreciated. We are really happy with it.


and I just love that horizontal component layout, feels mighty balanced


Looks great TabooKahuna

Could I ask the width measurement between inside to inside of the speakers thanks - maybe 3 metres or so ?

Much appreciated thanks

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Nice setup.
I’ve had black Sopra’s for a few years now and have always kept the grilles on purely for aesthetic reasons. I don’t think it makes any difference to the sound.
Your’s however look great without the grilles. I’m wondering if the colour of the Sopra influences whether they look good on or off??


so so I


I have concrete finish and have grills on. I reckon thwy look better on, but sometimes take them off. Also offers more dust protection and protection from my kids who are very good.

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Thanks! It’s a lovely room to be in. It does feel good.

I will have to think about it. I do like the orange without the grills too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the black ones “in the flesh.” My dealer has a pair in light oak in the shop. I’ll try those with and without the grills when I go in.

Good point about children and grills. Right now I have no small children in my life. My son is 21, but he’s a pretty responsible 21!

Hi @Bevo. For sure I will send the measurements when I get back home. Just out of town for a few days. Back on Friday.

Are you a statue?


Of course not, he would have concrete finish and pigeons on.


I saw a pair of these on ebay recently in this colour and I was VERY tempted but decided I didn’t want a divorce so have stuck with my No.1s (for now) :rofl:


Did you go straight to the full statement set-up?

We appear to have quite similar systems:

Titan 808s ( black piano gloss)
Statement Pre
500 Power Amp
ND555 plus 2 PS etc etc

Have often contemplated whether to go active with 500s ( especially in light of recent Kudos crossover) or remain passive with Statement Mono Power Amps?

Did you plunge straight-in or do it in stages? Thoughts



Hahahah!! That is a good call! It is fortunate my wife and I both really love the orange Sopras. What colour are your No. 1s?

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I didn’t go full Statement initially.

Many many years ago in a Galaxy far far away!!! I originally built my first Naim system around my 552. I was fortunate to have funds to climb that mountain ( pre Children!!!). I saw the 552 as the “heart beat” of my system. With a 300 amp. I was able to climb yet again to the 500 amp.

I was in audio nirvana. After a few years my 500 amp went off for a DR upgrade…gosh and wow on it’s return. Huge difference. I then found myself “lusting” after the Statement Pre. The stars aligned and i was able to make that move. The Statement Pre and 500 DR took an age to come on song. I was getting real impatient thinking the 500 DR was the weak link. I couldn’t of been more wrong. Leading up to the Statement amps arriving the Statement Pre with the 500DR just “rocked” (@Darkebear…does the words so much better than i ever could!!!). It really did become the sum of it’s parts. I can understand why for many this is journey end.

Naim have produced a wonderful partnership with the Statement Pre and 500DR. Suffice to say take nothing away from the 552. The Statement pre as expected took things on to another level and considering the cost it should. But, boy does this config deliver…in spades. Clarity, transparency, timing and all those great words to describe audio quality was sublime.

I’m rambling!

I remember thinking at the time of arrival of the Statement amps “had i done the right thing”? I was as happy as a pig in…you know where!

My 500DR was taken out and replaced with the Statement amps. I struggled for a long time, the running in took an age. Good days…bad days etc etc! I was almost at the end of my tether. However, in Naim i trust! And then when i hit 27 (i jest) the amps started to improve in massive gains, to the point i had lost my audio reference of what i was hoping for, what i remembered i thought i had enjoyed for many years.

The Statement amps, first off before even hearing them are a beautiful piece of art. Aesthetically they are beautiful. With the Pre in the centre they truly are spectacular to look at. They are like my children, i never get bored looking at them (yup, weird isn’t it!!).

I am completely aware of how well the 808’s respond to being activated. I can’t wait to read @Cohen1263 journey. They really do step up to another level. I have a wonderful family and this is still our home. The Statement with all it’s beauty sits in our lounge with out dominating the room. If my circumstances were different i may well of gone down the 500DR active route…you pays ya money etc etc!
The new Kudos crossover could well be the icing on the cake. I’ve not seen or heard one. In some ways i’m happy i haven’t…i know Statement amps active is never going to happen. Not yet…anyway! Dusty, does he do humour well? Sometimes!!

This might sound daft…am i happy…YES! I love the view, the alure and those precious moments of enjoying music, the emotional audio journey really does take my breath away.

I can’t advise on the right decision. I just count myself extremely fortunate. I also think how wonderful that Naim & Kudos have giving us many avenues and options to explore.

Dusty…listening to low res radio :joy:…possibly but not tonight!!


Great post Dusty. All I can report is that going from one 500 passive to three 500’s active was a comparable upgrade to 552 to S1. The dealer that sold me the amps also sold Tim’s ( up north) amps and after hearing my set up said that the systems were “on a par”. Whether the kudos crossover changes that judgment remains to be seen of course. I wlll report on it when the very likely happens :joy:


I think Tim will agree that we, like you, are blessed to own systems of this standard :+1:


In a Galaxy far far away….myself Chewbacca, Hans Solo, Luke…….thought about saving you from the dark side.
But you appeared to be having a great time😂