System Pics 2024

Listen to Nils Frahm a bit loud and enjoying an espresso.


Meant both but c****d the post up! :joy::+1:

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Thanks for that. I’m sorry I never got to hear Isobariks. For obvioius reasons they were a little thin on the ground in dealers dem rooms. I agree that the Kans really thrive on a 250. They sound like much bigger speakers with bass that actually shakes the floor. Anyone who says that the Kans don’t do bass really needs to hear that combo!

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So loud it’s blown the speaker driver right out of the cabinet! :open_mouth:


Whiskey is better for listening to music

Heathen! Everyone knows whisky is for guitar music. Cognac for classical, Rum for reggae, WKD for pouring down the sink.

Obey the stereotypes!

(I saw a grime lover drink eggnog once, serves them right)


So loud it’s blown the speaker driver right out of the cabinet!

He must have listened to dodecaphonic music since the driver flipped neatly seated on top of the cabinet…

Hi Blackstar.

Hopefully this makes sense as I don’t remember the technical terms from school woodwork classes. I don’t have a wood workshop so all cut on a reasonable solid wooden garden table with clamps.
All measurements made to fit my equipment so obviously measure yours carefully. If I remember right, my measurements meant I could get more than one bar out of some of the staves.
Staves were about £7 when I made it, but I believe they have gone up since then due to cost of living…

Excess portions of the staves were sanded and polished and used to separate genres of music on my CD rack…I also used small pieces to make the raised parts of the upright bars as I felt the flat ends looked good with nothing on them but left the cd player looking a little exposed when placed on top. I would make the uprights taller if I were to make it again.

Made from Oak bannister staves from B+Q.
Uprights bars are 42.5cm
Facia bars are 47cm
front to back bars are 30cm
Cross bars are 30cm - chamfered to make them pointy rather than blocks.
Measure back 20 cm on the front to back bars to make the join with the cross bars.
Not sure of the name of the joint - basically cut horizontally half out of both the front to back and cross bars then slot them into each other.

Long screws used to hold everything together.
I then cut thin discs from a beech rolling pin, sanded them down and placed them over the screw holes.

Bamboo chopping boards were the last part - sanded and polished.


Good DIY effort. Hoping it allows your system to perform well :crossed_fingers:

well it sounds a hell of a lot better than the Ikea unit I had previously, under a table full of recording equipment.

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PS I also made the speaker stands after discovering that the much tighter Naim sound (than my previous 22 year old technics) was conveying itself very clearly downstairs into the living room.
I’m sure there are issues around raising speakers like this - but as well as making Mrs Wren much happier (as we don’t enjoy all the same music) - it also unexpectedly reduced a bass boom at a certain frequency in the listening room…


I think you are describing lap or halving joints.


So there is nothing new here, but this is after a complete strip down, clean and rebuild. Started Tuesday morning, had a bit of a rethink on layout which didn’t work. Finished yesterday with help from my friend @SimonDC and Tony my dealer, who needed to be called when no sound came out after the reassembly. Just 2 Din plugs the wrong way round on the 282🤷🏻‍♂️
All looking and more importantly, sounding fabulous again now😊


Looking good. :+1:

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Thanks Pete.
I absolutely love this system. There is nothing I want to change at the moment.
There may be a 552 in my future, but it’s by no means a certainty. Just love the pleasure I get from it as is❤️


Many thanks @Wren :+1::+1:

Very nice looking shelf. And without a glass too :slight_smile:

My system can’t hold a candle to most on here, but with the changes over the last couple of weeks basically done, it’s due time!

I’m still waiting on a bigger rail on the ceiling and some panel curtains to hide the TV when it isn’t in use. It’ll also give more sound dampening, besides the fact it looks nicer!

The proper latest addition ins a new Fraim shelf for the only non-Naim component in the stack.


Hicaps to 282 SNAIC5’s ?


SNAIC’s No.1 and No.2 crossed/reversed then…?

Bin there, done that… :crazy_face: