System Pics 2024

I agree but I don’t think we have probably experienced the best in the environment it was designed for, certainly not a room like at the shows. I too have gone into rooms with £50k+ systems and thought they sounded harsh and not what I am used to.

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Tweeters that contain ferrofluid can suffer from the ferrofluid drying out - that will result in a drop-off in high frequency output. AFAIK it’s a gradual (over many years) process/deterioration.

It also depends upon what the previous speakers were that you are comparing them to - all speakers will have a different tuning preference chosen by the designers. Positioning within the room is also critical.

The new KEF metas have a reputation for clarity (from what I have read) so you might just be experiencing the benefits of evolving knowledge/engineering. KEF Meta technology is supposed to reduce rear sound radiation within the driver which, when combined within the coaxial driver, should give a very clear, pin-point accurate sound.

A bit like our ears…

(of course no ferrofluid in our ears…the drop off in high frequency input is real)

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Cheers Alex, I probably had them 14 - 15 years and yes there is a distinct presentation between the Kefs and the older Gurus for sure. I also have Kef LS50 Metas and the R3 Metas have even more clarity.

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Still using E boards in the 72 but moved from the 10x5 to a 20x2. The 10x5 is a fantastic cart for the money and really works well with the E boards the 20x2 gives just that little bit more.




That is such a nice setup, beautifully balanced calms my OCD tendencies, bet it sounds good as well!!



Thank you. Yes I like the sounds it reproduces very much. It has been many years in the making and was always part of a master plan for my retirement (which happened 7 months ago). Many of us say “journey’s end” and for me it really is. 252/300DR/NDX/LP12/Kudos 606.


The plinth on your LP12 looks gorgeous.

Thank you. It’s a Simon Price plinth in high gloss Indian rosewood.


Stunning :ok_hand:

That is truly stunning.
Nearly as lovely as my Cherry one…:wink:


It is the loveliest non-fluted modern-style LP12 plinth on the Forum - the grain is simply gorgeous and the high gloss finish sets the wood off perfectly. As said, stunning…


Wow - I am :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

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Very nice indeed! Love the bookcase full of LPs!


Similar wood to my PE 805 D3, though the flash kinda ruins the gloss finish in these L&R photos.


Lovely deck, Rega arm?


Is that a Achromat on an LP12?

It is FZ, we have a standard Linn felt mat on my wife’s LP12, but I decided to be swayed by someone who swore that the Acromat was a better option.
I honestly don’t think it makes the slightest bit of difference, but I paid good money for it so it stayed on🤷🏻‍♂️

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