System Pics 2024

Yep, Rega RB880 with Apheta 3
I have considered upgrading it to a higher level Rega or an Ekos, but it sounds just lovely as it is so I’ll save my money for now😉


It was designed with the SL-1200 in mind. I’ve wrestled with whether to get one but the supplied mats on most decemt decks are well matched and it’s an expensive experiment.


I used to have an achromat on the LP12 when I had Linn amps. It seemed to enhance the bass and overall liveliness…stopped using it when I went back to Naim. Didn’t seem much point.

Did you stick it down with those awful self adhesive tabs?

Bastard to get off if you want to change mats.

Now leave mine unstuck on my P8.

No Neil, I use the same double sided tape I use to repair old album covers where the glue has broken down with age.
It lasts about 3 months before it looses its grip. I then peel it off and replace it.

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I set up my system today with a new 500DR allowing me to go active with T808’s. Lots of new stuff to burn in but an immediate improvement to speed and control is clear. I had to stagger the three FRAIM racks somewhat and put the S1 around the back to get everything into the space but I feel that it looks pretty good.


That looks absolutely fantastic. Can only imagine how good sounds


Sorry to say, but the S1 is so nice that it’s sad to hide it.
Awesome system apart that :+1:


Thanks Jonboy. I haven’t owned an active system since I had active SBL’s. All I can say is that I understand better now why the likes of Cymbiosis and Derek G himself prefer 3 x 250 to a single 500 driving these speakers. The realism is exhilarating. To help fund the purchase of the two new 500’s I’m using all Naim Burndy cables, Kudos speaker cables and the give away basic Naim 4pin/ XLR ICs between Snaxo and 500’s. I’ve said goodbye to some expensive Chord cables but no regrets.


Agree, I own both RB880 and RB3000, and while the latter is more refined, the difference is not dramatic. Both prove how overpriced the Ekos is.

This is definitely one of my favourites so far. Lovely room and great setup. The system is part of the furniture and blends in :+1:

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Are they on LP12s? If yes, how would you swacribe the difference?

Yes, both on LP12s, the difference is subtle, soundstage slightly better defined, music a bit more engaging. The LP12s are not too far from each other specwise, but different nonetheless, which makes direct comparisons iffy. In hindsight I would still upgrade given the chance, but it wouldn’t be on top of my list.

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Congratulation to that wonderful system. I drive my Titan 808 active too with 3 NAP250DR. I decided to stick with the NAP250 instead of going to NAP300 or NAP500 but invested in a full Chord setup of all cable connections of the Naim components. Only the speaker cables are NAC5.


Thank you purple. I understand your decisions on all counts . You own a terrific system also👍

To be clear I still have quite a few Chord Music cables in the system. Music streaming and IC cable between ND555 and S1 and I have the 4/5 pin which I will fit back in between S/C and Superline after the new Kudos crossover arrives in (I’m told) 6 weeks time. But slotting in some of the basic Naim cables with Chord Music really works for me. Kudos KS1 if terminated correctly is real gem IMO and set up.

So you have a lot of Chord Music cables still running. My last step to a full Chord setup were the three Chord Music Line cables connecting the Snaxo with the 3xNAP250. It surprised me what this change brought to the SQ.
Am I right that you plan to replace the Snaxo with the new Kudos crossover? Did you get a chance to listen to the Kudos crossover in comparison to the Snaxo?

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Acoustica have several of the new Kudos crossovers on order. I couldn’t get to hear it but after a conversation with Derek G at Kudos and reports from everyone that I know who have heard it I placed an order. The guys from Acoustica will be delivering mine with an agreement that if I don’t want it I don’t have to buy it. Can’t see that happening but it made the decision to proceed a no brainer.


Hi Cohen1263!
You have a terrific system! Congratulations!
For your analoge frontend you could maybe overthink your plans for L12/Aro. It´s a classic, a very good combination with an intriguing musical flow. I owned one. I had two decks (one LP12 and one restored Garrard 401) with two Aros with Lyra Helikon, then Skala carts. I know very well a friends system with a maxed out LP12 (all Tangerine/Tiger Paw/Linn upgrades) with a Javelin-arm and a Dynavector XV1 T into aktive DBLs (S1, 3x500, SL/SC all DR). It´s very good, but not what he knows is possible frontend wise in his/our systems.
You changed your TT already two times, so maybe you can get a home demo before you by?
The upgrade path with the LP12/Aro is limited if you want to go really big in the future. If you like the sound of this classic combo in your system then go for it!!
I wish you joy on your spectacular musical journey. Enjoy,



So please let us know, what your findings are after your first listening of the new Kudos crossover in your system.

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@Cohen1263, @purple66,
Not sure of your location but my dealer, based just outside Oxford, has a demo day set up on his website 26/27 Apr 24 for the new Kudos Sigao drive with Kudos folks in attendance. One of the setups to be demo’d is 333 into 332 into Sigao into 3 x NC250 into Active 808. There is a second demo into 606 but no details regarding source or amplification.