Thank you, Naim forum people!

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone on this noble forum for your support in buying the Ese & The Vooduu People album, either physically or as a hi-res download.

I am hoping to get as many of the records posted off tomorrow as I can (Monday’s a bank holiday and I have a funeral to go to on Tuesday), so you should receive your LPs by Thursday at the latest, so please bear with me.

Thanks also to everyone who’s already listened to the album for your overwhelmingly positive feedback. I have shared a lot of it with Ese over the phone (she’s on tour with The Alabama 3 at the moment) and she was quite choked, I can tell you.

I’m sure Pharoah, Basile, Sheena, Jackson - as well as my business partner Mat and Darrel and Caspar from Gearbox - will be delighted as well; especially D and C, as you guys know your stuff when it comes to music and good sound.

Thanks again, and do let me know what you think!

K xx


hey TheKevster,

i am curious to know your role in Bandcamp site. You are a producer of Ese and the Voodoo people? a Bandcamp manager?
I follow Ese on the site and downloaded the track “ a family affair “ from her today. I am a relatively great supporter of bandcamp, finding more albums of interest on this site than other site like qobuz, hirezaudio …
It’s a wonderful site!

Hi Pierre, I run a record label and a music publishing company, and I am Ese’s co- manager. I have nothing to do with Bandcamp apart from using it to sell our music.

But I agree with you, it is a wonderful site for both artists and music lovers. From my point of view it is the only retailer or streaming/download site to offer a fair return to artists. It is also a great place to discover new music.


Wise words, a fantastic site for discovering new artists.

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Hopefully Kevin after the radio show with Jools Holland you can get her on his next TV outing of Later with Jools Holland. Keep up the good work.

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Awesome work @KevW.
Glad you managed to get the 24/96 hi-res option included!
Downloaded last night, thoroughly enjoying it, I must say it’s an excellent production.
Good luck to the band for this release, hopefully see them take a tentative venture outside of London for a show soon.


All those gigs have honed a great band. I take my hat off to you Kev, managing/promoting a band in this day and age must be a labour of love. However, there are some great role models (good or bad) Tony De Fries did a great job promoting Bowie and Peter Grant taking on the unknown Led Zeppelin, spring to mind, both had a unique strategy and modus operandi which paid off. So good luck.
Oh yes and great choice of producer for the album.

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Who drew the short straw for licking the stamps😉

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No need to thank us, thanks to you for introducing us all to the band, and to Ese and the others for creating such a fine album.


Thanks TheKevster,
You are lucky to manage such a wonderful artist, so beautiful too!

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Hi Kevin. Thanks for sending my copy, which arrived today. It’s so beautifully put together and clearly a real labour of love. It’s the first ‘new’ LP I’ve bought for absolutely ages. I hope my little Rega does it justice!

Should the band want to venture to the south coast, you can contact us via the website. We use a few venues of various sizes.

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Again thanks to you @TheKevster, I bought mine over the weekend when I was at a wet Centre Parcs with the kids running around the house like mad things. It cheered my day up before I have even heard it ! Looking forward to getting it on the TT.

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Cheers Mark - just run out of mailers, am awaiting more, so will hopefully send you yours tomorrow!

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Thanks Kevin. Received my copy today. A lovely package as mentioned previously. Excellent sound as well. Only had the chance to play it once through but really enjoyed it.
Best of luck with it I am sure the 500 odd copies will disappear quickly.

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Thanks for the album, Kev.
Very impressed with the attention to detail and artwork. One can feel that a lot of love and hard work has gone into the making of it. Now, let’s have a good listen.:sunglasses:

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Hi Kevin,

I’ve just ordered the vinyl LP and also downloaded a digital file for the iPod - really looking forward to giving the disc a spin!

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Hi Kevin

Ordered the vinyl last Saturday, looking forward to playing it down here in sunny Cornwall… slumming it with the iPod download at the moment :blush:

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Hi all, if anyone’s interested, tune into Radio 2 for Jools Holland’s show tomorrow night…

HI Kev,

I’m sure you’re probably aware, but this month’s Mojo, which plopped through my letterbox yesterday, gave Ese’s album four stars, which equates to “excellent” in their ratings.

Nice one. :+1:

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Hi Dave, yes indeed I saw it! Thanks!