The 2019 Naim new products


I think it was mentioned further back up the thread but a Core in Classic clothing would be a nice fit in a Fraim.


Well the Bristol show Naim demos seem to be a continuation of the Streamer launch. Last year was static launch of new products followed by an audio demo in the German show( cannot remember the exact city…sorry). Hopefully something new will be seen or mentioned.


And it must be floaty!


Some really interesting ideas above.

From my perspective which is “older American” I think Naim is doing a very good job overall, but over time the line has become overly complicated and not always in tune with the modern lifestyle. I think the Uniti series is really good overall but the rest of the line could be trimmed somewhat and I think the days of separate power supplies has passed. So going foward:

  1. Design for internal supplies and ditch external supplies. What may have made sense 30 plus years ago with half width cases makes no sense at all today given what competitors are doing. The distribution of weight between two units is a benefit when lifting but this is offset by additional interconnects, power cables, and most importantly space. Soundwise I guess external power supplies allow you to incrementaly improve a system but overall I feel it’s better to move folks up to a better overall unit without all the interim BS. Just read the poor “what should I do next” posts on this website.

  2. Bring out a four post Fraim with larger segment spacing . Design for use by other manufacturers. Lovely if somewhat Rube Goldberg solution but very effective. Helps the bottom-line of the holding company which is good thing.

  3. One good solid Naim CD player with a digital out would be welcome. You don’t need four players but a single high quality Naim effort with the aforementioned digital out would sell. The Naim pieces that over time seem to generate the most general acceptance including the export market are the Uniti’s, Naits, and CD players.

  4. Offer two or three levels (not four) of preamps/amps/server-streamers, two levels (not three) of Naits. Offer two DACs, one at the price point of the original and perhaps one at the Chord Dave level.

  5. Ignore analog. There are too many players already there for Naim to re-enter profitably.

  6. Keep the Core and Uniti lines as is.

  7. Don’t give up on DIN connectors but don’t ignore RCA.


Roon RAAT support on the current Mu-so line of products.


My wish list is:

  1. Downloadable manuals
  2. DAC 2
  3. A dacless transport: something like a NDX 2 but with no DAC, no screen and with SPDIF and USB outputs
  4. A UPnP server for Core, NDX 2, ND555, etc. that is as good as MinimServer, Asset etc.
  5. Better software and software documentation

My guess list is empty.


Innous like hdx2/3 without DAC…maybe Statement like product wit Core Roon…
a new super DAC with volume control…
A 555 class integrated amp to reduce box counts…


I guess Muso 2 might be on the way at some point, with the new Roon compatible streaming platform. For the existing models, I think you’ll have to be content with Roon over Airplay.


Being a new Uniti Atom owner I would love to see several fixes to the firmware not already mentioned before they think about new products:

  • Fix crashes where it locks up the display & I can’t access it via Naim app, but weirdly continues to stream audio just fine.

  • HT bypass mode is pretty useless in a modern smart home environment as you can only turn the Uniti on and switch inputs with the Naim app or with the remote. Everything else in my setup turns on and switches to the right inputs via a single remote (which is actually also voice controllable via Google Home) so I can turn on 4 other devices with the remote, but have to do the Uniti separately. Some better integration here would be welcome.

  • Fix the audible pops that happen when switching inputs or streams sometimes. It sounds like my el-cheapo Raspberry Pi streamer that also does this, not a 2 grand piece of equipment.

  • Fix the long running issue that some users have with Tidal streaming and recently released tracks. In fact, my own case is worse: I cannot stream Tidal from the Naim app at all. I can log in, search and see tracks listed but none will play, not just new ones. Luckily I’m a Roon user so primarily use that, but that makes the random lockups mentioned in my first point happen more frequently.


Just last week, I’ve made the change to Spotify and I must admit that I’m pleasantly surprised.


mmh… tempting idea, that could be the day I might revolutionize my system and rationalize the layout making life simpler :thinking:


If the likes of Mark Levinson can do a £20 k integrated, I am sure a Naim could design with their take on power supplies, isolation etc etc with the classic Naim sound and styling.



It could have the sensitive pre-amp circuits in one box, the pre-amp power supplies and transformer separated out into another box, and the power amp in another box. Or maybe go even further and put the power amp in one box and the transformer for the power amp in another. That would make a three or four box integrated amp - cool!

Oh wait…


We can dream of a Naim breakthrough😇


I am impressed by the Innuos Zen Mini Mk 3. Roon is brilliant and deals with UnitiServe and Core rips. So I would not want Naim to try at all.



agree Gazza----Pass can do, Ayre, Levinson, Devialet, Gamut, even McIntosh :slight_smile:



this guy can do it as well:-)))


the server/dac was at the level of the basis debut / triplanar/ pass phono/ van den hull stradivarius combo( around 40 k vinyl set up).
If it’s true, that’s a real achievement! One box amp, preamp, dac, streamer ( with a second box as power supply). Very nice look.
More than 50k. If only i could listen to it, for curiosity…


of course I’m not a designer or product manager and who am I to say that Naim should do this and that…it’s their strategy…I was just thinking that there will be a market imho for high-end integrated amps!