The 2019 Naim new products


How about finishing the design of the FL-1 electrostatic loudspeaker and putting it into production? I am sure it would be the ideal partner to the Statement.

And while I am on the subject of abandoned prototypes that didn’t make it into production: maybe complete the work on the active crossover for Kudos loudspeakers and put it into production.


Nova with optional phono stage/cards?


Isn’t the evidence from Statement that an all in one 500 integrated would be physically untenable?


There is…


I suppose if Naim did Class D right, it might take some of the weight out of a 500 and might save some power with the new regulations. There are some class D amps in the US that are starting to get some traction on some audiophile sites. Whether it would have the Naim sound is another issue. If it did not, I am sure it would not see the light of day. Something to watch.



To be fair…there is a significant price difference between a 552/500 and a Statement combo. “Something” in this neglected price bracket would be interesting.
There is a trend to jump off the 500 series and go to uber integrated amps …Vitus, Gryphon,Soulution, Dartzeel just to name a few. If they can “do it in one box” , why cannot Naim?


I’m not sure class D can be done right. I actually started with class D (Wyred4Sound) and hated it. When I purchased the 300DR, the dealer was hell-bent on talking me into one of those bathroom scale things, and I thought they sounded awful. Honestly I think it’s a clear case of the emperor having no clothes. Delighted to see Naim stay away.


That was a really ugly device. I’ll take a Fraim full of black boxes anyday.


Being totally new to the Uniti, I spent ages trying to work out how to turn off the screen—it’s really bloody bright—but I’m guessing this is obvious enough to get sorted. :dark_sunglasses:


Naim promised that this will be solved, a software update will be issued in the near future which provides us with the option to switch the display off.

No further information about the timing however …


I’d like to see Naim return to boundary speakers. Naim designed and branded they shouldn’t confuse the market nor compete directly with Focal. This looks like an opportunity going begging



Agree! If not a full return to manufacturing speakers as an independent product line, then at least influence Focal to create a range of speakers designed from the spikes up to harmoniously work with Naim amps and work up against a solid wall.


In passive and active configurations. Or maybe that goes without saying :grinning:


There seems to be two camps emerging here as is the case every time there is a product speculation thread.

  • Those who bought Naim for the sound and are eager to see new products that exemplify the established Naim design philosophy that they believe is responsible for the sound.
  • Those who bought Naim primarily for the logo but otherwise don’t particularly care about the sound as much. They’d rather Naim become a different company that produced products with a different design philosophy so that they can continue to buy the logo that is important to them.

No one will admit to the latter but reading the posts, it’s pretty clear many are in that group.

Be careful what is wished for. Naim may take a business decision that is more lucrative and knowingly alienate and shed an older (but diminishing) customer base. I’ve worked at places that pivoted on a design philosophy where it was known upfront doing so would shed most of the current customer base.

Given the mass culling of products over 5 years, I am marginally concerned.


pure streamer/no dac would be good .


I agree with you regarding Naim’s customer base. Unfortunately the future is, like it or not, digital.
I started over fifty years ago and was obsessed with getting the best sound from vinyl.
Now I have a Nova and mini zen and realise that I can enjoy a very good sound at a reasonable price with the most convenient access and storage.
Long term I think Naim has to either include a digital only stream along with its traditional approach or abandon its existing market entirely.
The world is very unkind to dinosaurs.


An updated speaker cable range. Naca6?


“No one will admit” Set up a corner of opinion convenient to what you want to argue and then attack it. Total claptrap. Please review Naim history. Chrome, Olive, Classic, Statement, Uniti. A lot of change in their history and not just from those just purchasing the logo.


I thought dinosaurs did rather well, for 180 million years, it’s not like they failed to evolve they just got unlucky.


Super Lumina for the Burndy cable. Specifically first for the Supercap to Snaxo so I can complete the ‘full-loom’ of SL in my system. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It seems odd that everything is carefully kept via SL cable except bunging it through a run of old Burndy does it no harm, so essentially Naim, complete the range of SL cables!

You will have lots of sales of all the 552 owners upgrading - surely there is a business case? Except if you have already tested a prototype and it don’t improve things much.

Other than the cable - don’t add any expensive upgrade items this year to tempt me. :bear: