The Best Thing about My System is…

Its simple but beautiful sounding.

Its easy on the ears but fills my room and senses.

It plays Miles, Morphine, and Radiohead wonderfully.

No one else has a system like mine.

Please tell us your favorite thing about your kit.


You summed up my system . Its on 16 hrs a day everyday.


…that it plays music very well, and makes me feel happy.


Slightly surprised @graham55 didn’t include his Nat01 in his comments, so I will. Fortunate enough to have an all Naim from Aro to active S600s in my music, having had an LP12 for nearly forty years (on my second), the Solstice arrived a tad late to consder. That system isn’t on all day, that falls to my kitchen system, again all Naim with NC doing the duty with smaller Ovators…it all makes wonderful music (if the selection is good).


Hi, that might have been my answer to the question what is my favourite Naim component.

My NAT-01/NAPST are back from Salisbury, and now sounding as good as ever again. (The tuner had taken it upon itself to start drifting off signal.) It’s sounding fabulous, particularly with some of the ‘live’ Proms broadcasts on Radio 3.


I remembered it has recently been serviced and how pleased you were. I had a Nat02 (which I now regret selling) and when I acquired my 01 a decade ago, sent it to hq, who were kind enough to report it had been realigned and was in mint condition. + 1 for R3 and the proms.

That I am in the very fortunate position of being able to afford a Naim system that gives me immense enjoyment of my music of choice.


I have a NAT-02 sitting, unused, in its box. But it’s about to be taken out, and pressed into service in my NAIT50-based ‘second system’, with an LP12/ARO, and Falcon LS3/5As.


I look forward to seeing it before end of month

best wishes


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  1. Ditto!
  2. It presents music in a way that seems natural and realistic, totally immersing me in it, including conveying the emotion held in the deep bass of some music that all too many systems reduce to meaningless, and leaves me not wanting change, not wanting more.
  3. it plays all music I play on it beautifully (but can’t make music I don’t like likeable!)
  4. I have no idea if anyone else has a system like mine - whilst I like to be individual, it would be nice for other people to get the same satisfaction from music that I do, and they are welcome to have a system like mine if it suits them,

Scarlatti or the White Stripes.


It’s versatility: it deals with sound from my tv, TT, radio and streamer effortlessly and makes every source enjoyable and sound gripping.

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It doesn’t dominate the room enough to make my partner resent its presence.
Still have her friends ask occasionally if those big ugly loudspeakers are in sight and in the way.
She still asks if I can get speakers off the floor and onto the wall.
I mean, what better use of floor space could be better utilised under her watch ?
Perhaps some nice area to pass the vacuum and mop ? Yoga mats ?
The Day of the Triffids is often mentioned. The loudspeakers moving closer and closer when your eye was taken off them :sunglasses:


We forget about the system and just enjoy the music, across a wide variety of musical genre….or TV, or LP……

SWMBO absolutely loves the detail on TV sound, probably her favourite thing about what we’ve built (she watches far more telly than I).


It’s sounding wonderful (and still getting better) and it’s finished besides phono cartridges. (and maybe the power supply upgrade for the KRad2 if it ever comes out!)

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The best thing about my ‘full’ Naim system, from mains plugs to voice coils, is its sound quality … oh and the exhaust note from my Triumph Trident 660 :grin:


That is oft forgotten , but putting your TV sound thru’ a quality sounds system isn’t a bad option. Very good with things like the Proms or the Elton John concert

I think I should say how good the Nait 50 seems with vocals


My system is able to play lots of genres of music well, to best suit my mood. It never sounds fatiguing and is forgiving of my room which is dedicated but only on a Sunday afternoon. As a CD devotee, it is also able to bring to life those earlier CD’s which often possess lots of dynamics provided you can bring those recordings to life with a few extra DB.


The best thing about my system is its owner.




Apart from excellent sound, zero noise floor and no transformer hum.