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Yes!! Great pic and great boots too๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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Just had some Stichelton cheese today, and all I can say is - wow! It is basically a Stilton, but made to an old recipe using unpasteurised milk. It always used to be made that way, then the producers started using pasteurised milk, then they got control over the name - and it cannot be made with unpasteurised milk and still be called Stilton. Anyway, some American guy came over from Holland where he had been working with cheeses, and started up making what is basically stilton, using older methods and unpasteurised milk. It is amazing - really tasty. Highly recommended. There are several online sellers, qv.


A magnificent cheese. We used to get it at Wealden Smokery up until last year when they said they werenโ€™t able to get hold of it any longer. I got the impression that their supplier, Neals Yard, had ousted it to keep in with their Stilton suppliers.


My local supplier - Queso - stock Sparkenoe Blue instead - also unpasteurised. Not tried it but their Red Leicester is very good.

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The F.C.C have it if happy with mail order and not local to Bath.

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I usually buy a large chunk of an unpasteurised (I think) local cheese called Sussex Blue every Christmas from my local butcher/cheesemongerโ€™s shop in Brighton.

Delicious - especially with Bath Oliver biscuits (if you can find them), and close in taste to how I remember a good Stilton.


That was the video that brought it to my attention. She has a number of other videos about other cheeses, some of which I must try.

They look lovely and with a lovely price to match

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Thank you. Worth every penny

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Luxury cake/pie server. Every home needs one.


EDC (everyday carry)
Goruck Bag & Maxpedition filled with a bunch of titanium stuff.

Harking back to the brief discussion of Gore-Tex jackets a month ago, I have a more fundamental question/concern:

Gore-Tex fabrics were the most effective in combining effectively total waterproofing with high breathability, which was due to their use of a PTFE (akaTeflon) film, which is what did the job. Patented, nobody else could use PTFE for that purpose, and other brands found alternatives but none seemed to match up to Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex was simply the best, and remained the best for 45+ years form their introduction in the 1970s.


Roll on to the present day: on the strength of two past jackets made with the same fabric, I have just bought a new Gore-Tex Paclite jacket (Marmot branded). My first reaction is disappointment as the fabric is not as soft and freely flexible as the old Paclite, and doesnโ€™t readily fold as small. Checking the labels I note that due to an international agreement on pollution they were required to cease using PTFE by 2023. I am guessing that a change in membrane accounts for the changed fabric feel/ characteristics. Whilst I am wholly supportive of the cessation of uses that may release CFCs into the environment, the result on initial experience os disappointing. Interestingly, the labelling does not quote any waterproofness or breathability data, though IIRC Gore-Tex products used to, and most alternative brands seem to these days.

That leads to my questions:

  1. Are other people aware of this change to Gore-Tex fabrics?
  2. If you have had a chance to use a new Gore-Tex jacket (or trousers) under conditions that push the waterproofness and breathability, what is your view of its effectiveness?
  3. Paclite was the lightest, most flexible Gore-Tex fabric. Has anyone else noticed a recent change in Paclite compared with Paclite from several years earlier, along the lines I described (possibly only from 2023, though I donโ€™t know if possibly introduced slightly earlier)?If no change observed then I have to wonder if I have a counterfeit product.

In summary, does the new non PTFE Gore-Tex technology still produce the best waterproof & breathable fabrics for outer wear?

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I switched from Gore-Tex (various manufacturers) to Paramo about 12 years ago and would never go back.

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You can skip most of this Gordon โ€œbloodyโ€ bleu recipe and head for the โ€˜spicy tomato relishโ€™ - as this is โ€œThe Bestโ€ bit.
Very simple, I make this and keep in the fridge up to a week if lucky to not eat it all before.
Jazz up any sandwich.


Why does he slice the meat with a serrated knife?

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Probably because it looks like it would eat the salad.
Itโ€™s still alive that colour. :scream:


I have tried to warn you.
Just focus on the spicy tomato relishโ€ฆ

A decent vet could get that back on its feet


:rofl: :+1:t2:

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