The Best ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Colour looks spot on to me, love steak or beef like that.


Serrated knives are evil - nearly cut the end of my thumb off last night chopping an onion.

(Naturally the bad workman blames the tools here)





It wouldnโ€™t be his first. Allegedly.


I like my steak well seared on the outside, just a few mm, and rare (but warm) inside. (Tuna steak the same if not eating sashimi style). Ditto roast beef - well done outside, rare once more than a centimetre or so inside: a delightful combination of flavours (but takes a little skill to get right.).


I wanted cheese sandwiches today, so I baked white bread. In the pan with lot of butter and cheese.
Six hours fermentation.


Personally I love cheese on toast - Iโ€™ve discovered the air fryer does it brilliantly with cheese added on top of cooked toast. Grilled/roasted cheese alone cooked on an ovenproof plate is fantastic.


My favourite tea:


Brix Jarkey.

For removing stubborn jar lids.

Hook it under the lid, lever it upwards to break the seal and release the vacuum.


Can you change the volume on a Mu-so with it as well?


Not sure about The Best but I wanted to try a waxed jacket.

Certainly expensive.

Iโ€™ve been suckling on these recently.

I would recommend dropping in the morning. I tried it late at night but got quite a buzz from it and couldnโ€™t get to sleep. :grinning:

Although with the daylight getting longer and strongerโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.


Instead of raking Vitamin D3, you can eat eggs or fish with high fat content. If you eat this food. :slightly_smiling_face:

Everyone in the UK should take a vitamin d supplement during darker 6 months of the year.

The problem with relying on oily fish or eggs is you would need to eat 2 eggs a day or fish every day.

Iโ€™ve taken cod liver oil every day all my life since a kid. Iโ€™ve been taking these for the past 10 years or so.



I take the below with a multivitamin containing Vitamin D.

I wanted to clarify I take the fish oil and a single multi vitamin tablet daily with whey isolate protein powder for smoothies. No other supplements. A good diet replaces the above imo.


New Rice Cooker
Note the GABA Brown rice setting.

**GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) is a highly beneficial amino acid found in brown rice. Increasing GABA intake has big health benefits including lower anxiety, deeper sleep, lower blood pressure, and improved cardiovascular functioning.

The cooker simmers the rice at 104F for a couple hours until it germinates. Increasing nutrients and GABA. The entire cooking process takes about 3.5 hours.


Yes, I think that is official guidance, for northern Europe including Britain.

Of course it is a generalisation, there being a big difference in sun intensity between far north and south of Britain, and shorter winter days in the north, plus quite a variation in clear skies especially west to east. Then individual habits vary greatly - from some people wearing shorts even in winter outdoors to others never, some people outside most of the day every day others the reverse. And add to that individual physiological variability, and it is clear that no single guidance fits all! Without supplements my wife has low D levels even in summer at home in the middle of the British Isles, despite the fact that she spends most of the day outside in summer as long as weather dry.

Incidentally, as a kid we were often given cod liver oil capsules - and I found that despite their reputation for I liked the taste, so used to bite them not simply swallow!

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Iโ€™m using those Omega 3 from Nutrimuscle (one of the few companies that provide sources and certification):

  • EPA 1520 mg and DHA 760 mg
  • EPAXยฎ Wild Fish Oil Dรฉcolluรฉe
  • Oxidation rate (totox) <2

Of course I also use their multivitamin with 50 mcg of D3โ€ฆ

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