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That was funny.

Little pants fit little behinds. It’s funny the stuff we remember.

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I have a GR1, amazing bag, plus a few Maxpedition bits. Having the GR1 shipped to the UK wasn’t cheap, but it is a very nice bag.

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HH sincerely, avoid the screwdriver option, which may cause unintended damage to life and limb!
Three options either exclusive or in combination.
Take a metal serving spoon and bang the centre of the lid quite hard - twist off should be fairly easy.
Run the lid under a warm/hot kitchen tap (not one of the instant variety mind).
T-S do a good line in gloves, which grip very well - model is GripMax Gloves code 54556 (large) - with arthritic and curling fingers I use them daily indoors and out.
I wore a new pair for my latest Fraim rebuild and they make holding boxes easier - the fins on the new style boxes are not hand friendly!

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For safety, and ease, take the other end of the spoon, or the aforementioned screwdriver and stick it under the edge of the lid. Then use it as a lever to just slightly “lift” the lid away from the jar. Just a slight movement is enough. It will twist off easily after that.


Am I alone in thinking that certain reasonable and sensible official guidance is extremely poorly conveyed to the general public?

I’ve said it before but we should have public information films relating to so many things back on TV, at least on the main free terrestrial channels. I don’t like being preached at about certain personal choices, but we should be able to make informed choices.

There’s a lot of silly stuff rammed down our throats almost every day but the smaller important things aren’t.

I’ve gravitated in recent years to this sublingual spray Vitamin D3/Vitamin K2 supplement:


Not heard that before. Possibly doesn’t apply to thongs :grinning:

I’m not often offended but there was a chap at the gym the other day with the most offensive pair of budgie smugglers I’ve ever seen in my life. I didn’t know which way to turn at the poolside.


The Indy boots are overpriced. They cut corners today. Just look at Rose Anvil on Youtube. There are better boots out there that will last much longer.

But I have a pair 405e in chromexcel myself.

These are more than double the price of my Andrew chainsaw boots i just got. No way they are worth Usd 680. But they look very good. :grinning:

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I prefer something like this:

I used to have a pair similar to them (but lower heel) back in the 1970s. Best boots ever: made by Anello & Davide in London, apart from being supremely comfortable, they were extremely hard wearing - lasted over 10 years of daily wear other than for work, The beauty of python skin is that it doesn’t scuff at all, it just yellowed a bit with age, but nothing negative about that.

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I (still) like to wear Sendra myself, have a few pairs in different finishes. I haven’t looked at enough other brands to know if they’re the best, but they are definitely good.

Yes I agree. That’s what I always do if a lid is resisting my attempt to undo it.

Pulsio air percussion gun.

Hand held awesome massage device. If you have problems with tight muscle. Cramps. Getting into those aches and stresses.
I get those itch twitches that seems to have no distinct origin. Funnily scratching about fruitlessly.

Using this in the general area (usually my lower left leg) seems to really sort it.

Can you use it for playing air drums to Phil Collins’ ‘In the air tonight’


It has 4 speeds.
The lowest would put Napalm Deaths drummer to shame. The highest is 4000 bpm.


Do you have to pump it or is it battery powered?

Only for muscles/trigger points or does it have other uses? Asking for a friend. :rofl:


It’s USB charged. And, the instructions specifically say it is not for use on the head and genitals.


So is it simply a pneumatic device using air pressure rather than having an attachment of some kind like those massage ‘guns’ which pound the soft tissue. Sorry to sound dim, just not seen this device before - you can get those massage guns in most places these days, saw one in Home Bargains earlier today in the fitness/supplements section for £20.

So, I think the air nomenclature is to do with the mechanism. We charged it 2 weeks ago and it’s still going.
My other half has been having some chiropractic sessions, the professionals have been using this device, so has some creditable endorsement for what it’s worth.
The percussion is because it basically makes the attached part move in and out.

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Just found the website - I can see it also has attachments and some explanatory videos.

Very tempting, I often get muscle spasms in my glutes or lower back when playing tennis ( rarely warm up properly as I’m ususally late getting there!). It can look a bit odd writhing against a wall with a tennis ball between the affected muscle and the bricks to release a trigger point even if it often works!

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Well. We have used other things similar. That have had issues with use and effect.
This device is such a solid strong performer in a really compact form.

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