The Best 👌

Errant apostrophe.

Since I found the London Dry on sale in Calais duty free last summer for a laughable £15 per litre (no, really), I’ve not seen the need for anything else!


I should travel more :slight_smile:

Yeah, there’s need and there’s need


£15.99 at any Lidl. Asda’s own brand is acceptable and a similar price

But best for me would be

Nothing gets as close to a glass of juniper berries and pine needles.
San Izal disinfectant ina glass.

£25.00 delivered to your door by an Amazonian


What do you think of this one then?:thinking:


That’s a grand looking bottle Bjorn

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Yes it really is. Have you had a chance to taste it?

I haven’t In fact I’ve never heard of the crown jewel variant. Sounds interesting

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50%…interesting enough to have a looksee. I don’t mind Beefeater Ordinaire at all, so I’ll put this on my list, ta.


Of widely available gins, Brewdog Lone Wolf
It seems there have been several labels - I knew it first with a blue wolf face.

Of local specialities and best overall, Fynoderee Spring and Autumn

But tgere is a gin thread for this!

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Best go-anywhere bike

Orbea Rise M-Ltd. The lightest e-MTB available (or was till the very latest version just released). Mine is fitted with mudguards and rear carrier for maximum flexibility, and is disguised a bit. I use mine regularly for leisure/exercise on forest trails etc, plus exploring/mobility when campervanning. Longest ride so far was last week, just under 70 miles on hilly roads (over 7000ft elevation gain), and less than 80% of the combined internal+supplementary battery used (max 540Whr). Horribly expensive, but the pleasure it has given has made it worth every penny, just like hifi.


I haven’t tried it either but just ordered a bottle so we’ll see how it tastes.

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Sainsbury’s stock it locally. Quite like the Mexican cactus flavoured version myself. Great new label and nice bottle.

I think someone mentioned before that that label was a poor change vs the original. The ones at our local Saisnbury’s are I believe newer and much better.

To update, I went for the very similar Marmot Gore Tex jacket. Very pleased with it.

Brighton Gin is supposed to be pretty good. Made locally (to me) in small batches, and popular in my local pub.

There is also a local company which makes Sipsup tonics, lemonades, mixers. Their pink lemonade is a lovely, refreshing drink, and there are two or three different tonic waters.