The Doors

I pick up the LP boxset tomorrow…then I just need to find the time to actually play the damn thing (end of Sept at this rate :unamused: :rofl:).

Life keeps getting in the way…


Yeah, it has a way of doing that, doesn’t it?

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Sure does…no time to call my own, seems like.

But…would we have it any other way?

Working iron doesn’t rust.

This may turn out to be a massive listening session - I read that a lot of the between-songs chatter (band and audience) has been cut out in the new set - which means I have to play my bootlegs, plus the BM CD, plus the extra tracks on the 50th Anniversary sets plus the new LP and CD sets…

And god knows whatever Matrix tracks I have lurking in the collection. Going to be Hell :laughing: :sunglasses:

You’d better make yourself a strong black coffee!

Usually a good triple espresso.

And a Cognac… :sunglasses:

Or two.

I’m not allowed to tipple any longer, sadly!

Shame… a good Cognac is life-affirming.

I’m tippling a nice Augier at the moment


It looks great! My favourite tipple, before I gave up booze entirely, was Springbank - a beautiful Scotch malt from Campbeltown.

You should grab a bottle if you see one. They can become very expensive, if from an old cask, but the ‘standard’ one is great as it is.

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I’m not sure I could ever give up booze entirely… even for health reasons…but fortunately, the smoking will get me before the liver…

I’ll look out for a Springbank. I’m more of a smoky malt meself, but I like to try different malts.

The taste of Springbank is similar to one of the less heavily smoky Islay malts.

Of the Islays, I always used to think that Bunnahabhain gets far less attention than it deserves.

It’s a good sup, agreed.

JDM would’ve liked it, I’m sure.

I thought that The Lizard King’s tipple was beer. Did he hit the bourbon too?

Cognac, Whisky, Beer et al. But Jim was an alcoholic…I remember Robbie or John saying that they wished they’d realised his condition at the time and got him some kind of help - whether he’d have accepted it, who knows.

I think that he was fated to - in the words of Debbie Harry - die young, stay pretty.

I’m not too sure the paunch and huge beard fulfilled the ‘pretty’ - but at least the latter was gone by Paris.

I used to have a bit of a beer gut before I gave up alcohol!


Nuff said

Despite the naff sleeve notes, despite that most of the inter-song chat has been left out, I’m happy

And I haven’t even played Bag’s Groove on the 7" yet:


Can you play a 7" on your LP12?