The Doors

In have managed, at last, to buy a ‘clean’ 2LP copy of ‘Absolutely Live’, which I will play tonight.

Great! The RSD or another pressing?
Enjoy! (I’m sure you will).

High, Stevie, it’s not the RSD release, which I recall reading was pressed on ‘midnight clear vinyl’. It is an Elektra/Rhino release (8122798168), and shows the Elektra address of 15 Columbus Circle, NYC 10023 on the back cover. There is a printed booklet inside, written in Spanish.

All very confusing - my only concern is that the 2LPs are good, clean pressings.

I’m a bit tired now, and I’ve left it too late to play the LPs tonight. So I’ll give them a spin after breakfast tomorrow, with a nice mug of Earl Grey tea!

I’m on a bit of a roll at the moment with Doors records.

Another US Record Store Day release turned today - ‘Paris Blues’, a limited edition (#09387) Elektra/Rhino release. I have some chores to do, then we’ll see what it’s all about.


On AL - what label is it? Butterfly or earlier E?

I’m wondering also about that Spanish booklet being in a US press - maybe it’s just a US cover, dunno yet. Is something like “Marcos Registrada” printed in the label, or Made In The US or similar. If its a used copy, I guess someone could’ve put the booklet in from another (Spanish) release. Maybe its a US import into Mexico. Intriguing…I’ll have a look on Discogs.

I will have a look, and report back. (My music room is up four flights of stairs, ate the top of the house.)

All 3 Spanish releases are marked Hispa Vox.
Mexican copies are titled *Absolutmente en Vivo" or similar. Havent found a US copy with Spanish booklet yet… the mysteries of record collecting, eh? :smile:

At least the booklet will be easier to translate than those in the Japanese pressings, lol.

So… How’s your copy of Absolutely Live?

You should look up the Aquarius shows too. A more intimate experience.

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It is excellent. I played it all the way through yesterday.

And I donated an old copy to someone.

Rare 8mm silent clip of Pittsburgh, September 1969.
Courtesy Mild Equator…

Cops all over!

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My 5LP set, Live At The Matrix, arrived today. It’s a limited edition (no 12,247 of 14,000), issued by Elektra/Rhino.

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Time to get used to that 45 adaptor!

Not for the ‘Matrix’ set, surely, Stevie?

(Although I can’t see either 33RPM or 45RPM shown on the records, I assume that they will play at 33, as usual.)

You’re probably right, Graham.
I haven’t played the 7" yet as I have the CD set as well so have tended to play that.
I’ll have a look when I get in from work.

Bag’s Groove is some 8 minutes or so - On a 7" 33 would make sense (how long was the single of Macarthur Park? )

Edit ~ Looked MP up - 7 minutes 21…

Is the new Matrix set available on any streaming platforms?
I have Tidal, and it’s not there.

Thanks! JM

Sorry, streaming is (still) a closed book to me.

It would seem not - yet, at any rate. Even Amazon don’t appear to have it in stream (for Prime members.)

Perhaps it takes awhile for streaming providers to actually get it, I don’t know.

Some video streams are on YouTube - not sure it’s the whole release though.

Playing the Bag’s Groove 7" right now - you were right, it’s at 33/3.

It’s a good groove. Jim’s claves do contradict the booklet notes that he’d buggered off to the bar during the song. The writer wasn’t even present at the gigs, so his claim has been the subject of a fair bit of mockery from Doors fans.

And I think that may well be Jim’s voice - yelping right near the end.

Bakersfield 1970.

Being released next Spring :crossed_fingers: Oops, November!

Bump for RSD. November’s almost here.

I’ve asked for a notification from a local record shop as I won’t have the chance (or indeed inclination) to go queue at dawn on the day.