The Doors

Tsk, tsk…such a lack of commitment…:wink:

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I know… I’m only a lowly fair-weather fan!

(Cue jokes about Andy)

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Anyone follow Spotify?
Doors dotcom says there’s going to be a ‘special announcement’ on there this week…

I don’t use Spotify, but guess it may be that Matrix may be available on it?


Would that be new? I have a 5LP set, ‘The Doors Live At The Matrix’, a joint Elektra/Rhino release, which (I think that) I found on Amazon USA a few weeks ago.

There was nothing to suggest that it was a new release (but I suppose that it may be).

(I have bought so many new LPs recently that I haven’t had an opportunity to play them yet.)

New to Spotify.

Only a guess as to what this announcement is.

Unless it’s something to do with the RSD Bakersfield.

(Matrix set was released on vinyl and CD Sept 8, Graham. )

Well, whatever it is I’ll post news (if it indeed is news) here.

I just downloaded Spotify - listened to comments by Jac H on LAW ( “their richest work since the first album” in his view) and Caravan - and a live bootleg just released, but nothing new as far as I can tell.

A little something for us Doors historians.

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Bakersfield out on Friday, for those interested…
( just me then )



Welllll…the Spotify ‘announcement’ was this, apparently…

Anyone with a Nak may want one! Maybe.


Seems this may happen next year:
Been out of print for quite awhile.
Will I buy buy it? Dunno. My original is in good nick.

See if there’s any remaster details, I guess…

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