The Doors

Tsk, tsk…such a lack of commitment…:wink:

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I know… I’m only a lowly fair-weather fan!

(Cue jokes about Andy)

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Anyone follow Spotify?
Doors dotcom says there’s going to be a ‘special announcement’ on there this week…

I don’t use Spotify, but guess it may be that Matrix may be available on it?


Would that be new? I have a 5LP set, ‘The Doors Live At The Matrix’, a joint Elektra/Rhino release, which (I think that) I found on Amazon USA a few weeks ago.

There was nothing to suggest that it was a new release (but I suppose that it may be).

(I have bought so many new LPs recently that I haven’t had an opportunity to play them yet.)

New to Spotify.

Only a guess as to what this announcement is.

Unless it’s something to do with the RSD Bakersfield.

(Matrix set was released on vinyl and CD Sept 8, Graham. )

Well, whatever it is I’ll post news (if it indeed is news) here.

I just downloaded Spotify - listened to comments by Jac H on LAW ( “their richest work since the first album” in his view) and Caravan - and a live bootleg just released, but nothing new as far as I can tell.

A little something for us Doors historians.

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Bakersfield out on Friday, for those interested…
( just me then )



Welllll…the Spotify ‘announcement’ was this, apparently…

Anyone with a Nak may want one! Maybe.


Seems this may happen next year:
Been out of print for quite awhile.
Will I buy buy it? Dunno. My original is in good nick.

See if there’s any remaster details, I guess…

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Archive on Radio 4: Jim Kerr(Simple Minds) on Jim Morrison Saturday 16 December
“The story of how, in the early 1970’s, the 12 year old Jim Kerr discovered the music of doomed rock god Jim Morrison”
Apparently it’s “wonderfully vivid”


Thanks for that.

It may be good to repeat your prompt on the morning that the programme is due to be aired.

8 December

Happy birthday Mr Mojo Risin.

Woulda been 80 years young if my maths are right (useless at numbers)

I’ll play Bakersfield after work tonight to celebrate:


45 minutes of the Winterland ballroom show, in December 67, just because…


My pre-order of Jerry Prochnicky’s new book arrived today (I also recommend his previous Doors bio, Break On Through, an excellent read):

Let Them Photograph Your Soul, A Visual Biography Of Jim Morrison
Aldus Books, 2023.

Looks to be another good book for the library.

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I have looked for Doors book that on the Amazon UK and US websites, but it’s nowhere to be seen. Did you find it somewhere else?

Aldus Books in the Netherlands: search Aldus Boek Buy direct from the publisher (same company who published Vince Treanor’s memoirs of his time withThe Doors a little way back.)

I don’t think this will ever be on Amazon. You have to put in a little work, but shouldn’t be hard to track down (I don’t know how many copies were printed, but if I find out I’ll post it here).

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Thank you, stevie.

I’ll have a hunt around tomorrow, as I’m just about to go to bed.

Now that I have an LP12, I think I need to get my old original Doors LPs out….


Mike, I looked at your Profile to see the spec of your new LP12, but you haven’t updated it yet.

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