The End of DSLR's

You should not be disapointed by a T-4. I’ve had mine for a year and doubt i would go to a T-5. Most of the Fuji lenses are very very good. The 16-55 f/2.8 lives on my T-4. Ok, so its a bit heavy and not quite in keeping with the size if the T-4. J7st helps to justify buying a 100v for when you want to travel light !

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I’ve written to Wex about when they think the Xt30 will arrive , I really would like to go Old Skool with my cameras , and Fuji seems streets ahead of the other major manufacturers .

Trying to trade in has been going on since 9th March …

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I avoided trade in by selling all my Nikon FF stuff to MPB. Resonable rates too. Then bought my Fuji gear from Panamoz. Which is where i bought a lot of my Nikon gear from. Although saying that, Panamoz have been less competitive recently and i bought my Fuji 90mm f/2 ( best lens i own) from Wex.

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Now it transpires that I hace been trying to order products that have been discontinued .

The x3 Pro only available in the most expensive version…

I could drop Fuji and go for a Sony in the rangefinder style.

Oh yarbles

wex is very good for secondhand and includes a 1 year warranty

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Yes they are, but they have none of the Fuji models that I want


I got an excellent xpro2 from fuji’s own refurbished warranty and clean as a whistle- stock varies


Thanks , it looks like I managed to get one of the very last XT30 11 this afternoon from WEX

I had to buy it with a kit lens, but the kit lens looks a good one . 18-55 , from what I can gather it’s super sharp and well made.

I just got fed up with all the plastic from Canon and wanted real dials …

Suspect it’s the same desire that makes people want mechanical watches and turntables

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I don’t want to spoil the last few posts of our Fuji family but isn’t it the time to speculate and troll on the imminent Q3?


I’d like one, but expect it to be over £5K, so it’s an expensive tool…

I see the Q2 will likely stay on as the QE. I guess when the Q4 arrives the Q3 could then be the QE2!

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The only thing I know is that the Q3 all have the same sensor as my M11 and that is an awesome sensor!

I have 15, 28,35 & 50 lenses for the m11 but I can easily go out with either the 28 elmarit or 35 summilux and cover everything I need by cropping or stitching. The Q3 with its beautiful 28mm lens will make for a very versatile camera without any additional fuss! Cropping in to 5200px on the long edge will simulate approx 50mm lens. So, still a lot of pixels to work with!


Seems like the Pentax Ricoh film camera project is still a go.

Sounds as if we’re getting some kind of Ricoh 500G mk ii…Though I bet it’s not a rangefinder!

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My little Fuji X-T30 11 aired yesterday, followed today by the 80mm macro. First thoughts are the differences in construction and feel in comparison to Canon

Metal V Plastic , it’s like Omega V Swatch

Depends on the Canon…


I am quite intrigued by the Pentax announcement although I thought they were building a film SLR first, but it sounds like that will be their second film camera after a compact and affordable one. I hope that it finds a market.

I do think of all the brands Pentax are doing the most to support traditional photography and traditional photographers. Speaking personally I’m wedded to a DSLR as my main serious camera system - I just prefer seeing the real scene I’m shooting through the viewfinder rather than a pixellated rendition of it. I do use a Fuji X-E3 mirrorless with 18-55 F2.8-F4 when portability is the priority but I don’t like the interface and I don’t like the colours compared to the much more natural look of my Pentax K3 and K1 DSLR’s.

At the end of the day you’ve got to figure out which camera system suits your needs and wants best. All the brands are capable of taking excellent pictures - for me the feel, bullet proof build quality, value for money, weatherproofing, user interface and ability to look through the lens are my highest priorities. That and the traditional feel of the system including those gorgeous Pentax limited lenses has kept me with Pentax for over 40 years now. There’s something purist about their approach that I really like. (I’m also attracted to Leica for their beautifully built lenses and traditionally styled bodies) and I loved Nikon’s ZFc for its retro style - it’s just a shame it was mirrorless.

Fuji have done a fantastic job of apeing those delightful Contax, Leica etc rangefinders of the 1960’s and 70’s - and for a travel camera they are brilliant. Their glass tends to be very nice too, it’s just the body ergonomics I’m less keen on. As ever though it’s all personal taste, the most important thing is to try before you buy so you fully understand your own preferences.



I wanted an EX-4 , went for an XT30 , it’s a lot smaller than I imagined.

It looks and feels right, though I am struggling with the electronics

My first proper camera. An upgrade from a Kodak Instamatic.

I loved that little Ricoh.


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Mine’s still going. Though not put a film through it for some years.


As a Pentax user for many years than I care to remember, still have an MX and an ME Super film body. I’m too intrigued by this, would love to know why they are doing it. However, my dream is for a Pentax mirrorless body that would take Pentax lenses with no adaptor. Some of my Pentax lenses are so high quality I would hate to part with them.


I suspect it’s a gap in the market to exploit. No-one else is doing it so they may as well give it a shot.

I imagine they’ll sell a greater number of compacts than SLRs, both as a style accessory and to those less well healed but who’d like to give film a go. It will I guess also point the way for thier next release.