The greenhouse

Thanks Tim.

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It looks like anAlitex glasshouse! Ours is about 12 years old. It’s about 6 x 3 meters so lots of space. It’s a lean to on a south facing stone wall. We have the external blinds as well.


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Well spotted!

Alitex did a great job in a space that isn’t actually’square’ and the quality is excellent. It is still as new after nearly 12 years. The staging is very solid and attractive, but expensive.



I think we are at around day four now. The walls are going up:

Oh and found a receipt for some timber - about £180. The total’s going to be quite high! :grimacing:

Not sure the size will be big enough for me to have a permanent comfy seat but apparently that’s not the point :man_shrugging: It’s supposed to be a greenhouse for my wife not a summer room for me :joy:


Another day’s work done (not by me!)


Thanks for mentioning the brand. We are redesigning the garden and I’m preparing my wife now for an extra 30k. They look beautiful and I prefer stuff I’m really happy with and costs 10 fold the price than something only so so. Naim is certainly another example of it. I wonder if Tim gets an Alitex too …



Nope - a Robinson’s Rushby. Including base, bricks etc and installation we are getting close to £18,000 I think


It must be wonderful. As a kid I stayed often with my grandparents and they had 2 greenhouses - growing strawberries and tomatoes mostly. The smell on a good summer afternoon was gorgeous. That’s what my goal is to replicate from my youth.

Thanks for posting the pictures, an ‘apetiser’ for me.

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My wife has a rather fab veg patch (not sure of dimensions but around 19m by 40m I think - will plonk a picture of that up some time. We were going to put the greenhouse in there but her dad (who owns the farm along with her mum) suggested that putting it where it is would be less of a walk when she is old :grimacing: It’s about 50 yards nearer the house but still 60-70 yards walk away

A veg patch? You mean a field!

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Not quite a field:

I measured it out roughly - got it wrong at what I said yesterday - it’s about 14m x 45m

And here is today’s update on the greenhouse:

Some internal blockwork looking very neat, gone in today


I’m glad it is also for pleasure, if you think about the cost per tomato , that’s a very expensive tomato

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I like tomatoes :blush:


Your post reads I like tomatoes blush , and here is something on blush tomatoes

It’s a difficult calculation since self grown tomatoes are priceless.

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Yes, I have a greenhouse. It was a 60 th birthday present to myself and it’s a calculation :abacus: I sometimes do

I didn’t go on holiday the previous year, and managed to buy the greenhouse and have two spectacular meals instead . One at Shakespeare’s Globe with views of St Paul’s and the other cooked by a finalist at Masterchef , The Professionals ( she should have won)

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That’s a serious fence. How high do the rabbits jump up your way?

Keeps the effects of the wind down and the sheep out

Or at least it keeps the sheep out until one’s niece leaves the gate open one day and then 80% of the foliage gets scoffed in 24 hours (that was a couple of years ago). But yes it does keep the wildlife out (apart from birds of course)

On the theme of wildlife, this fella is ridiculously tame and has followed us up the road and into the garden on several occasions


Or maybe I should have said we have very big rabbits round here


I hope your hunting neighbour has good glasses. Eastern is two days away …